this is the first post…

It all started a long, long time ago when I discovered a great message board. I engaged in some wonderful debates, made a few friends… and then the message board was suddenly shut down. So, I thought to myself, “Hey, I can host my own! How hard can it be?” And I did for a few years, but I found it to be very draining. Eventually, I let my message board fizzle out. The friends I had made all packed their bags and moved some place new to something called “LiveJournal.” This was before the word “blog” was invented. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, for a few years I happily typed away on LiveJournal, but I started to notice that I talked a lot about knitting, stamping, scrapbooking and all sorts of other crafty pursuits that my friends weren’t into. I liked having a private “friends only” journal, so I didn’t want to turn that into a blog. Instead, determined to be a successful knitting blogger, I moved over to Blogger and started to write all about my new hobby. And once the wheels got to turning, I came up with ideas for three more blogs.

It ended up that my rubber stamping tutorial blog was the one that really took off. Eventually, I moved the location of my Inkblots blog to my own address, got set up with WordPress and considered myself a professional. Recently I started a new blog for my digital scrapbooking pursuits.

But the other day I was thinking: where can I go to talk about anything and everything? My rubber stamping blog is strictly for rubber stamping. Way too many announcements about what I’ve been up to on Squidoo end up on the Inkblog. And Sugarplum Paperie is an even tighter ship. I tried to go back to LiveJournal, but despite my best efforts, I haven’t posted a thing in weeks. While I love my friends and I know that they love me, I don’t know that they really want to hear me ramble on about knitting sweaters or scrapping layouts…

I figured the time had come for a very eclectic place that’s just for me. Somewhere I can write a quick post about some new site I’ve discovered, like COLOURlovers. Somewhere I can talk about my thoughts on theology when my husband brings up a good point. And somewhere where people can come and go as they please.

I think I’ll have a little something for everyone. I hope you enjoy it. I sure am excited! It’s my very own blog.

EDIT: I’m getting spammed like crazy on this one thread. I’m going to close it and hope they go away… at least until I get my hubby to set me up with some good code to ward them off… 😉

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