part two of the revelation.

So, thinking over it all some more (with much thankfulness that I listened to the little voice that said not to list all my stamping supplies on e-Bay), I realized that part of my problem with rubber stamping was that in making cards to show off different techniques, I wasn’t necessarily making cards that I personally liked… something that was “my style” the way my scrapbooking is. Isn’t it funny how our feelings become more clear to us over time? I feel like the fog has lifted!

I’m undecided as yet: I may move all my rubber stamping posts to this blog and simply post them as I make things that make me happy. That would fit with my idea of also posting about my knitting projects, my digital pages and my other assorted craftiness. Or I will keep the Inkblog running–just without the stress of creating tutorials. It will just be “my stamping blog” and hopefully, it will also be fun again. I hate killing things off, so I really don’t like the idea of closing the Inkblog. I have a post currently saved but unpublished entitled “The End.” I think I might re-title that to “A New Beginning.” I just need to think over the ins and outs of how I want to blog first…

So, there you have it. That’s how I feel about stamping. I want to love it, really I do! Hopefully, I will…

Here’s to ending the frustration! Cheers!

4 Responses to “part two of the revelation.”

  1. ~liz Says:

    Um…. no, don’t quit. Keep up with your tutorials that you want. Who says they have to be carding. Why don’t you do more of scrapping and tutorial about that. (hugs)

  2. Jan Scholl Says:

    A person can enjoy many things—I am happy to have you share a part of your loves with me by blogging. I havent sewn in years but recently have been hoarding fabrics for a quilt. I am looking forward to starting it and sharing on my blog. I would like to see your life thru your blogs no matter what you write about. You must write for you—and never feel obligated. Enjoy what you love and love what you enjoy.

  3. Shawn K. Says:

    I’m glad to hear that you are reconsidering stopping your blog. Personally I love the balance that you have on your blog with stamping and life. It should be fun..try to remember why you did this in the first place and maybe you can rediscover your joy in the hobby.

    Be well,

    Shawn K.

  4. Trish D Says:

    I’m glad you’re not quite ready to toss all your stamps out 🙂 I can totally relate, though. Although I loved demo’ing stamping, I got really burned out on thinking “Now how can I demo this set?” or “What would appeal to my customers?” as opposed to just having a creative outlet. Since I’m no longer with SU, I feel like a weight was lifted and I’m stamping so much more. For the fun of it. I know that this hobby isn’t for everyone, and obviously you have plenty of other things to keep you busy 🙂 but I hope you occasionally make a few inkblots…