always best at manipulation.

Warning: this title may be misleading. This is really a post about me and art.

I discovered something in my high school art class. I was much better at photography than I was at drawing. I was better at painting, too.

Ten years later, rubber stamping came into my life and suddenly I felt creative again, like I did when I was in high school. I started to think about why I had neglected to try anything artistic (besides quilting) in all that time. I slowly came to see that I am a great manipulator. Let me explain what I mean by that:

I can take stamps, ink and paper and arrange them in a new way to make something crafty. I can take pixels and digital brushes and mix them up in a new way to make something pretty. And likewise, I work better at arranging other people’s pretty colors into new palettes. Take this one for example:

Not Another Rainbow

This little palette went all the way to #7 last month with the love that everyone gave it. It was a quick little arrangement of another user’s colors. I named it “Not Another Rainbow” because I figured it wouldn’t go very far… it was just another rainbow. Imagine my surprise when it reached the top ten!

Since then, I’ve taken to saving other fabulous colors I find in my favorites so I can play with them later. And I think that the palettes I make from combining other lovers’ colors are some of my best work! Here’s the first palette I made from colors I had recently added to my favorites:

Other Lovers

Then this was made for an “Autumn” challenge in a group from colors I had saved:

It's Not That Simple

And here’s another one I just made this afternoon:

New Love

Yup. There’s something about it—I don’t come up with this stuff all on my own, but I’ve certainly learned how to play with it!

The thing I have to remind myself of is that this is considered creativity, too…

One Response to “always best at manipulation.”

  1. Shellybear665 Says:

    LMAO! Well, I was honored to have my colors reaching so high on the scale because of what you had done to them. Honestly, it is an honor to have you mess with my colors. You make them special in a palette, showing them in ways that most people wouldn’t usually take a second look at them and than you make a really great palette and make them something important and worth looking at. Thanks for the recognition and making them into something special 😉