the new camera.

The new camera couldn’t be more fabulous…

Me & Kate - New Haircuts

It’s a Pentax K100D and I love it. My first manual camera was a Pentax. My first grown up point-and-shoot was a Pentax (I say “grown up” because technically my first point-and-shoot was a Kodak Disc… remember them?). It looks like I’m Pentax girl. Hey, if something works, you stick with it, right?

So, if you noticed in the snapshot slide show of our trip to the Outer Banks, there’s a picture of me, surrounded by three incredibly nervous sisters-in-law, getting about 6-7 inches of my hair trimmed off. Oh, my! It felt so good to get a new hair-do!

My mother-in-law finished what they started and trimmed me up with a cute little bob. And when I got home I thought it was time for Katie to get a snip, too. Honestly, we both needed it because I had messed up BOTH of our bangs when I decided to trim way too close to our ears one day. We both had these odd wisps of hair that were growing out around our ears. Now they have disappeared into our new hair-dos. Whew! What a relief.

Travis took this fabulous picture (my new most-favorite picture of all time) before we left to run to the store the other night. Ah! I just love it when Katie puts her little arms around me like that!


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  1. Cheryl Sims Says:

    Ok Nichole, I have your new blog saved to my google reader so that whenever you post, I will be able to read it. I hope you will find that you will create cards for your enjoyment and to send to friends and family for their enjoyment. I know how much it means to receive a card and when it is handmade from the heart, it means even more. Enjoy what ever pursuit you do. I will be here!!
    Cheryl Sims