finally found a scrap-board.

I’ve been looking around for a friendly scrapbooking message board for a while now—at least a year. Never found one that “hooked” me in… Then I visited the ScrapShanty the other day.

I posted my IKEA bear layout there (and at two other popular message board/gallery sites). I received NINE fabulous comments from the friendly girls at the Shanty. I received a total of ONE comment from the other two sites (so, that’s like an average of .5 comments…?). Sheesh. I’ll tell you where I’m going to post my stuff—where the nice people are!

So, I also found out that the Shanty is currently having an open call for digital designers… (guess who applied?) Here’s one of my layouts, dedicated to Travis:

But You Love Me Anyway...

Not quite sure if the call ends tonight or tomorrow. It would be fun to make the cut!

And if you’re a scrapper, looking for a new home, be sure to check out the Shanty!

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