no film in camera.

One bad thing about the new camera—it’s a little too much like my old manual. You can take photos and think you’ve taken photos and find out later that there’s no film card in your camera.

Therefore, you guys will never be able to see how extremely horrific and shocking the interior of the house we went to see on Saturday was. So, I’ll try to put it into words instead…

Nicole’s Tips for Successful House Hunting:

~ You should be suspicious when you see six exterior photos of a house. There’s a reason they’ve spent the time and money listing photos of just the exterior.

~ When you can smell the musty stench of the basement while walking around the outside of the house, it’s probably not going to get any better on the inside.

~ Realtors are able to flat out lie about the conditions of a house in their listing. For example:

1. “Bathroom needs replaced” could actually mean that the kitchen also has been torn apart (so the “kitchen needs replaced”), that there are scattered linoleum tiles all over the main floor in the living and dinning rooms (so the “flooring needs replaced”) and also that there are gapping holes in several of the walls (so the “dry wall needs replaced”).

2. “One and a half bath” could actually mean that there is a large room on the main floor with a toilet and sink in it.

3. Conversely, “three bedrooms” could also mean that the bedroom on the first floor is supposed to be the same large room that has a toilet and a sink sitting in it.

If this house had been properly priced (for $50,000-70,000 less would be a good start) or marked as a “handyman special” we wouldn’t have wasted our time going to see it. We’re excited about fixing a little place up, but we aren’t professionals!

Such a disappointment. Honestly, the place needs to be burnt down. I doubt if you striped it down to it’s bare bones if you’d have anything to work with!

So, where does that leave us? A bit depressed, a bit confused. We don’t know where God is leading us, but thankfully there’s one thing we do know: He’s trustworthy and where ever the road ahead of us does lead, there are good things along it…

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  1. Elaine Says:

    Yikes! Sounds pretty awful. It sounds like a show I watched once, but I can’t remember the name of it. Hmm…