sewing is really knitting.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that sewing in knitting is really knitting with a sewing needle?


So, I feel all fancy. I stitched together the shoulder seems for the hoodie! While doing so, I learned how to make an “Invisible Horizontal Seam” (doesn’t that sound impressive?).

I couldn’t quite master the “Invisible Vertical Seam” however, so the sleeves remain unstitched. I just watched a video on that at, so I feel a little more confident now.

Now let’s see if I can’t get this thing finished and upload a picture of Katie wearing it. Probably doesn’t help that the weather is currently 70 degrees…

2 Responses to “sewing is really knitting.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh dude, the vertical seam is high up on my list of cool knitting tricks. Once you’ve got it, it’s MAGIC to progress upwards, zipping that seam shut as you go. MAGIC, I tell you.

    (It’s very similar to the horizontal seam – you’re still taking that needle under two bars on each side, it’s just that it’s two bars up rather than two bars over. Does that make sense?)

  2. Josh Says:

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