moving to lancaster county.

So, Travis took at drive out to Lancaster County. He found this cute little townhome for rent that is only 20 minutes from the office:

The New Place

Our application was accepted. We’ll be moving sometime after Thanksgiving!

I’m terribly excited about it all. The townhouse is 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath. This is a shot of the back yard and patio. The kitchen is at least three feet wider than my current kitchen. All the bedrooms are bigger, too. There are six closets and an outside storage unit. It’s just perfect!

Now, to pack, toss out junk and organize everything we own!

5 Responses to “moving to lancaster county.”

  1. Amy Hoogstad Says:

    Congratulations! Too bad that buying a house didn’t work out, but it is a great blessing to find something bigger, better, and closer to Travis’ work. All the best in the next busy month!

  2. Tammy L Says:

    Oh, how exciting!! 🙂 What a blessing!! 🙂

  3. Leslie (snaphappyinkymomma) Says:

    WOW! So exciting!

  4. Ruth Says:

    Nice! I have to say I am most jealous of the six closets. I have…one. ONE. And it’s in the living room! We live in an attached unit and it is an old Queenslander house. Clearly Queenslanders in the olden days didn’t accumulate much stuff. Either that or they had a liking for large, ugly wardrobes which we have moved in in lieu of closets. Ok, I’ll shut up, obviously I’m bitter about my lack of closets.;-)

  5. Samantha Hernandez Says:

    What a pretty place. You always find the coolest stuff! See I can read Blogs!