the mysterious hole.

I went to sew up the sleeve of the hoodie the other night… when I discovered a strange looking hole in the fabric:

Strange Hole!

Travis took a good look at it and he determined just what had gone wrong. I had laid my knitting down (probably to run after the kids) and when I came back, I had picked in up and started to knit in the wrong direction! So there was this odd little half row in there…

I had already bound this off! So it was a little daunting for me to undo it, since I had never ripped back bound-off stitches before. But it wasn’t complicated at all! It was just like any other knit stitch. The strange hole was about eight rows down and not near any of the funky M1 rows–whew!

And more good news: I thought this would set me back and I wouldn’t finish stitching up the sleeves that night but I pushed though that and I did! In fact, the hoodie is almost done now. Just the back of the hood needs sewing and then all the ends need attention.

Would you like to see the hoodie on it’s original recipient?

Buddy in the Sweater

I laughed so hard while taking these photos that I started to cry. Especially when he would flap his little arms about!

Math. Math is very important in knitting. ::snarf::

6 Responses to “the mysterious hole.”

  1. tonya Says:

    ROFL!! Yes, the wrong-way-start will do thiat too, I completely forgot to mention it! I have done this more than a “few” times myself. Adorable on him though and now he’s ready for…oh, maybe kindergarten photos, when it will fit 🙂 This is exaclty why I don’t knit FOR someone. I knit and then FIND SOMEONE it fits to give it to…LOL. Ma2t8h = 2 h9rd 4 me. (I tried to make that look “mathy” but I know it really just looks seizure-y.)

    Your hoodie is GREAT lookin’ though! good job!

  2. Mrs. Taft Says:

    Well, it looks awesome. Does it fit Katie at least? LOL

  3. Amy Hoogstad Says:

    Hi Nicole – I just tried commenting on the Sugarplum blog and for some reason the graphic for the anti-spam work would not load for me! SO I just wanted to say thanks so much for the overlay and the instructions. And your little guy is soooo cute! I think maybe the hoodie would be better suited for Christmas 2009? LOL:)

  4. Nora Gratzl Says:

    How funny!! It is hard to go back and rip out or erase when you think you are all finished with a project.

  5. Ruth Says:

    *places paper bag over head* I would have so just pretended the hold didn’t exist. 😛 This is why I’ll never be a truly good knitter and why I avoid large projects.;-) It looks so good, though!

  6. Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama Says:

    It’s amazing how far your knitting has come! You have far more patience that I have. I love the hoodie!