moving day.

Moving day is today! Whee!

So, I was talking to my hubby about all the little ins and outs of things when he informed me that we probably won’t have a connection to the internet until our new phone company sends us our new modem at our new house. My jaw just about dropped to the floor.

No internet?! That can’t be possible! I can’t even imagine it! I close my eyes and I try… and nope! Can’t imagine it. One good thing is that I might find time for more designing (when I’m tired of unpacking boxes, that is).

So this is my notice to the world that I will be unplugged for a few days. I’ll be back as soon as I possibly can! And hopefully, that will be very soon…

One Response to “moving day.”

  1. Travis Seitler Says:

    BTW, we have internet access now. Nicole is porbably just busy unpacking… 😉