Still working on a photo for the Christmas card. Here’s a cute family snapshot:


Love this new kit from Miss Mint! Journaling says: Trying desperately to get a family photo… out in the snow in our new yard, freezing because it was 14 degrees outside. Welcome to PA!

It is noticeably colder here in PA, even though we are only one hour from where we used to live in Maryland. I guess the Chesapeake bay makes a bigger difference in the temperature then I thought! I looked at a map of PA the other day and I was surprised to see how far into the state commonwealth our town is. I guess I thought we were still near the Mason-Dixon line… but we are really IN Pennsylvania now. This is the furthest north I’ve ever lived! I like it here. It’s very pretty and has lots of charm, too. Can’t wait for warmer weather to explore the place some more. Ha!

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  1. Beth Young Says:

    Cute picture!