the elusive christmas photo layout.

I turned the failed Christmas card photo shoot into a layout:

Getting the Shot

Journaling says: Trying to get one nice family snapshot on Thanksgiving Day… But the kids were less than cooperative about the whole thing after a day of eating and playing at Grandmom’s. Eventually, it all broke down into a tickle-fest. If only that little guy would smile! November 2007

I’m starting to wonder if I’m “going digital.” Of course, I really, really like digital scrapbooking (I have my own shop for crying out loud!). But I’ve still been a fan of making paper layouts, too. I consider the two to be different art forms and I love them both. I’m just wondering if I’ve fallen in love with digital to the point that I won’t bother with paper books anymore… (and I wonder which is cheaper? I have a suspicion that digi is.)

Well, either way, I’m having fun! ::wink::

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