Mommy is mean. She takes pictures like this:


Well, we had to record the moment, right?

Joshua is only 18 months old, and already he has that death-wish that many little boys seem to have. But isn’t 18 months a bit early for that?

This snapshot was taken after Super-Guy tripped and fell sideways onto the coffee table while playing “Super-Family” (notice Daddy is similarly attired with the couch’s blanket?). The day before, he had sliced open his lip when he got a hold of a tape measurer. And then, to top the evening off, he also fell off the back of the couch and landed right on his head. Good times!

So, don’t you think he’s a bit early for this? Boy, we better get ourselves some good insurance… looks like we’re going to need it for our little dare-devil!

One Response to “super-guy.”

  1. Pati Says:

    Oh, poor Joshua! He looks so sad! 🙁

    But the picture of Travis makes up for it. 🙂 I do believe that cape is color-coordinated with the rest of his outfit. :p