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Our family loves the library. We were there a few weeks ago for their monthly kiddie movies (this month’s movie was “Happy Feet”). Well, about three-fourths of the way through the movie, Joshua started to get really bored and really loud so I took him out of the room and we walked around the library instead. Next thing I knew, I was in a photo shoot…

Library Offers New Language Collection
Jan 12, 2008

MOUNT JOY, Pa – Mount Joy’s Milanof-Schock Library recently acquired new materials to facilitate the learning of 123 foreign languages, English and American Sign language, thanks to a $36,000 state Library Services & Technology Act grant.

The library was receiving increasing requests for foreign language instruction due to reduced instruction in public schools, a growing home-school population, more foreign travel and greater numbers of immigrants living in the area, said Herb Landau, library executive director.

The multimedia audio-visual materials and books for children and adults were selected from Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone and California Learning Laboratories.

“I’ve seen them advertised and am curious to know if they work,” said library patron Nicole Seitler of Mount Joy [Marietta]. “My husband and I are interested in learning Latin and Hebrew so we can read original versions of the Bible. And we want to home-school when the kids are older.”

The collection, built in collaboration with local educators, may be borrowed for study at home or school.

The usefulness of the collection will be evaluated on the basis of circulation and patron satisfaction with the materials. Each borrower of a new language title will be asked to complete two brief surveys, one prior to use and one afterwards, to determine proficiency, expectations and satisfaction.

For more information on the materials, call the library at 653-1510.

We went in to our favorite local restaurant, were I was called a “celebrity” by our favorite waitress. Pretty darn funny! She says they’re going to hang the article up on the wall, along with other local celebrities for the fun of it. I’m only slightly embarrassed. Ha!

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  1. Leslie (snaphappyinkymomma) Says:

    I’m honored that I know such a celebrity!

  2. Suzanne Says:

    Fun!! I don’t think you are a geek.