experiement 29.

So… February is coming! That’s when I want to try my Experiment 29: I want to take at least one nice snapshot a day. I’d also like to do something for the whole year like my friend Tonya does. She makes these pretty digital pages as a month in review summary. So, in order to get ready for Experiment 29 and to have enough nice snapshots for the month of January as well, I took some photos today. I got this one of Joshua:


Then I did something really brave. I handed over my beloved camera to my four year old. But she did good! Here’s one of her very first snapshots:


I think it might be interesting to let her take a lot of snapshots and then scrap a page about it “through her eyes.” I might wait till she’s five, though. Ha!

2 Responses to “experiement 29.”

  1. Allison Says:

    I have about a thousand pictures of feet, the cat, blurry close-ups of dinky cars, etc. from my boy. He has caught a few of his sister that have been awesome. I am saving them for a similar project (probably when he is 15 and I long for the days when he was 4!).

  2. Tammy L Says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing all the snapshots! 😀 This means you’ll be blogging more, too… right? 😀