love my camera.

I’ve found a little time to scrap lately with the help of a few good challenges. One was to take a picture of one of your “toys” and the other was to scrap about yourself. Here’s my combination of the two:

Snapshot of Me

(Everything by my favorite designer, Jen Wilson.)

I’m also loving to play with actions on my snapshots in Photoshop (can’t you tell?). Soon I’ll be writing my first article for the Craft Critique blog on the subject. I’ll also be helping them to get a new look, too. Can’t wait to get started on that!

And that will also bring my current blog total to about ten. Can you imagine someone asking me, “Do you have a blog?” I would have to bat my eyelashes at them and say, “Why, yes. I run ten of them.” Insane! And I wonder why I never post over here… turns out I have too much to say in too many places. Ha!

2 Responses to “love my camera.”

  1. Trina Says:

    LOL this is hilarious. Wanna teach me how to make or start a blog??? JK!!

  2. nicole Says:

    NO! Ha ha! 😉