chicken wire madness.

Okay, instead of stressing out over my shop’s new newsletter, which may or may not have gone out to only 50 people on the second try, I’m going to come over here and write a blog post!

So, the other day I received the fantastic news that I won a gift certificate to Jen Wilson Designs for $100.00, along with another $50.00 gift card to Shutterfly (so I can order a printed book of my layouts when I’m done). It was like I was a five year old who was just told that she’s going to Disney World… I couldn’t have dreamed up a better present for myself!

I’ve been playing along with all of Jen’s challenges (see my gallery here) and I won a random drawing. I think I jumped up and down 40 times when I found out. I was one of those “I really, really want to win… I can’t believe I won!” sorts of moments. The girls over at Jen’s forum are so sweet and funny, too. The girls just made this blinkie, because we’re such fans:

JChicken Wire Madness

Speaking of five year-olds going to Disney, guess what we’ll be doing in April? Going to Disney! I’m not sure if Mommy or Katie is more excited about that. See, I know just what we’re in for! And I know she’s going to love every second. Daddy’s excited, too. He celebrated by running out to get a 4GB memory card that was on sale. Ha! Good times.

In other news, I was able to go shopping with my sisters-in-law the other day. It’s been over a year since I bought a new piece of clothing just for fun (and not for something like a funeral–no further comment on that). I love buying clothes. I just don’t often get the chance to! Plus, I still have at least 20 pounds I want to loose. I’ve lost 5 since New Years (when I made my resolution), so hopefully, I’m on my way! It will be nice to go to Florida and fit into summer clothes! Ha!

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  1. Amy Hoogstad Says:

    WHOOOHOOOO!!! I’m so excited for you!! That is a fan-tabulous prize!! And so excited for you to go to Disney too – that will be SO much fun with your kiddies!