six airports.

So, getting to Florida was a little bit crazy. All told, we visited six airports in our trip to get from here to there. Maybe it is worth it to drive from now on. It certainly is worth it pay for a non-stop flight!

Last Thursday morning we were on the road at 6:00 a.m., headed about 2 hours south to BWI to catch our flight to Florida. We arrived right on schedule… only to find out that our flight to Newark was canceled due to mechanical issues (no, we were not flying American–we were flying Continental). We were ushered into a taxi that whisked us away (even further south) to D.C. so that we could catch a flight from Regan to met up with our original connecting flight to Tampa. It was a little surreal to be driving through the Mall, looking at the Capitol building and the Washington Monument on our way to the airport.

where's the plane?

Well, our flight was late coming in, late leaving the gate and then put on hold for 30 minutes in the air once we reached Newark! Once we landed, we saw that our flight to Tampa was still at the gate and felt hopeful that we could make it in time. So, we grabbed our things and ran for it, but by the time we got there, the flight was gone…

We were redirected to the customer service desk, where we were told that we had been automatically placed on the next flight to Tampa, which was two hours later (yay!). Oh, no–wait. That’s two hours and two days later (boo!). So I asked if there was a flight that went to Sarasota instead, since that was where we were really going anyway. Yes, there was! I made a phone call to my mom’s house to let her know and we went off to eat a little lunch.

Later we discovered that we were all given a seat in a different row! We had three seats, one for me, one for Travis and one for Katie (Joshua is still little enough to sit on our laps). Thankfully, the nice man at the counter shuffled some things around and made a way for us to all sit together. Whew! My little five year, who the day before looked to grown up to me suddenly looked so small to me when I thought of her sitting all by herself. But you know, I think she would have had a great time of it. She’s so social.

So, we took off from Newark (after a little more of a wait on the runway to get out of that congested place!) and when I looked out the window, what did I see? Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty! Can you imagine? What world travelers we were becoming! D.C. and N.Y.C. all in one day! Good grief. Can you believe that the children held up under it all? Momma didn’t and Daddy was very worn out from trying to keep up a cheerful attitude all day. But the kids? They were just fine! Amazing.

Well, we finally made it to Sarasota, about five hours late. But it turns out that my mom didn’t get my message in time… so it was a fun day for everyone! Whee!

And the flight home? Well, that was on US Airways and it would have been as smooth as silk if we hadn’t been stuck on the ground for an hour in Philly! For some reason, the runway was shutdown while we were taxing out to it. Anyway, that happened on our flight back to BWI, so it was really only “inconvenient” for us.

Can I just say–IT’S GOOD TO BE HOME!

5 Responses to “six airports.”

  1. Sugarplum Paperie » Whew! I’m Back! Says:

    […] say hello to you all! We are back home after a crazy trip (which I’ve started to blog about here) and it’s so good to be home! Now, to get everything put away and try to get back into the […]

  2. Amy Hoogstad Says:

    Oh, wow! I would not have held up well under those conditions, either. My control freak side would have been going haywire! Well, lesson learned for next time! I hope the Disney experience was well worth all the extra hassle:)

  3. Leslie (snaphappyinkymomma) Says:


    And yes — flying direct is a MUST with kids! 😉

    Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

  4. Kat Says:

    HOLY smokes girl I would have been a basket case! Glad you handled it well and hope you had a good time once you got there!

  5. ~Ann (pinewoodtoo) Says:

    WOW what a trip. I don’t think I’m strong enough to tackle the airlines amymore. Glad to have you back. 🙂