the trip.

So, how was the trip?! Let me tell you all about it!

We didn’t just fly to Florida to go to Disney. We were also there to see my mom, my dad, my step-sister and my best friend. Busy, busy! Seriously, friends… my normal days at home are more relaxing! Ha!

Well, after our fun plane ride, we started our vacation the next day with a trip to beautiful Lido Beach in Sarasota on a gorgeous 70 degree day. Sorry, I didn’t let Travis take my beloved SLR camera to the beach to get sand all in it, so no pictures to share. The next day, we visited the “splash pad” at Island Park, near Marina Jack’s. Katie loves that place:

Katie on the Croc

Joshua was not so sure about getting wet:

Buddy - Dry

Katie, on the other hand, spent a good hour getting soaked to the bone:

Splash - Kate

Finally, with a little help from Grammy, Joshua joined in the fun:

Splash - Buddy

Then that evening, we went to visit my best friend (since high school!) and her husband and sweet little girl. The kids made a royal mess:

The Mess

The next day, we were off to Disney World, but there are so many pictures from that, I’ll just post them tomorrow.

On Monday, we had a little dinner party to celebrate Katie’s birthday (April 2nd) and my birthday (April 30th). My mom made it special with a beautiful chocolate cake!

Birthday Kisses

And while we were in Florida, it was my step-sister’s spring break, so we got to see her (the first time in about three years!). Here she is with her dad, getting ready to light the candle for the cake:

My new dad and sister

The next day, we were off to St. Pete Beach to visit my dad and go birthday shopping! While we were at Disney World, a cold front came through (dumping rain on us while we were at the Magic Kingdom), so the weather was a little chilly during our last few days. But we made the best of it! Here are the kids, checking out Grandpa’s backyard:

The Kids

They loved running along the sea wall:


I’m so glad that my dad has “Princess Sophie” at the house now, because the dock and the sea wall are all now child-proof as well as puppy-proof. The kids just LOVE Sophie:


And I just loved getting a chance to do NOTHING but sit in the sun:

Sunny Me

Well, that’s our trip in a nutshell. I’ll get those Disney snapshots posted for you tomorrow so you can enjoy them, too. Despite all the gray skies and rain, we had a great time meeting princess, getting even more wet on Splash Mountain and enjoying the whole experience that is “Disney.” Stay tuned for that…

3 Responses to “the trip.”

  1. Amy Hoogstad Says:

    Great pics! Especially that Hot Mama in the last one:) Looks like you had a great time. Ya, vacations with kids really aren’t vacations, eh? Trip is definitely the better word for it!

  2. Jessy Says:

    Oh mine! You guys had a blast over there! Thanks for sharing the pics with us 🙂

  3. Megan (Flergs) Says:

    AHA! So this is your ‘real’ blog where you post all the good stuff. Hmmmm knitting? Is that a codename for The Real Nicole blog? lol