Spring is here! We are enjoying the lovely weather. Here are a few snapshots from our little walk today.

When we first moved in to our place, there was this nasty looking creeping vine covering our little patch of soil in front of the house. A few weeks ago, we ripped it all out and discovered that there was a spring garden underneath. I planted the little pansies, but the tulips must have been planted by someone else a few years ago:

My Flowers

I found a cute little Bug in the garden:

Bug in the Garden

There were some people working around the property today with mowers and pressure washers… so we went out back to run and play:

Green Grass

The kids are walking around in this large drainage ditch (and mini-soccer field) in our backyard. Right now it looks lovely and green! Katie loves to go wild and run the length of it.

Here’s a snapshot, looking up from the ditch to the townhomes where we live (I thought the trees were pretty):


And that was our afternoon. 🙂

4 Responses to “springtime.”

  1. Amy Hoogstad Says:

    Beautiful! It’s going to take another month or so before things are budding and lush like that up here. Thanks for the hope:)

  2. Megan (Flergs) Says:

    You should see oue ‘lawns’ nothing but dirt. We are in a 12 year drought here. Fabulous photos…I am so jealous!

  3. melani de groot Says:

    The greens are beautiful but the freedom of your kidz is what amaze me in RSA our kids cannot play in open area .enjoy it

  4. Karen Says:

    beautiful beautiful beautiful.. 🙂

    I found your site via your husband’s whom I found through 22 words. 😉 Are you enjoying the rain as much as we are in Maryland?