creative chick-a-dee.

Some really sweet people out there in the scrappin’ world have invited me to be on their design teams recently… and I’m just so honored to be a part of it all! I wanted to show off some of my friend’s projects instead of talking about my own stuff today.

First off, a little dream come true for me!: After months of drooling over her blog, looking at all her pretty things, the fabulous Krystal Hartley invited me to be a part of her Creative Ensemble! And let me tell you–those girls over there are a riot! It’s so fun to hangout with them. They’ll put stitches in your side. Woo! Anyway, here’s a layout I made for her using her gorgeous new kit, My Piano Room:


Love that kit!

Another designer I have the privilege to CT for is the Flergalicious Megan Farrow. What’s even cooler is that I helped to spark a whole new kit from her creative mind! I told her I loved some papers she’d made in the past and she went nuts with new ideas and a fantastic new kit! It’s called Cottage Chic, inspired by those beautiful soft photographs of homes in magazines like Better Homes & Gardens. It will be coming to her store at SBG this weekend, so be sure to be on the lookout for that! Here’s a layout I made with Katie and “Baby Toby” as soon as I got my hands on this little beauty:

Baby Toby

And then I have another friend that “I’m proudly being a lazy cow” for… but that’s okay, because she’s doing the same for me. Yes, that’s none other then Monica of mgl Scraps. But she recently released an amazing kit called Neon Tantrum (great name, huh?) and I couldn’t resist a play:


And I have one more team to add to my list! And some of you are going to recognize this chick:

Journaling 101

Yup! Erika Martin has invited me to join her design team for her awesome on-line course, Journaling 101! I’ll be scrapping and exercising my journaling skills for her over the next 12 weeks. What an exciting project! This course is just what we need in the digital scrapbooking world where it’s way too easy to make a pretty piece of art with no story behind it. Not that I’m guilty of that… (blush) as you can see in the first and third layout right here in this post. But look–just the very idea of her course has already got me thinking about the stories in my photos! Notice how the page I made for Megs actually has journaling on it?! Gasp! I’m so excited and can’t wait to get to work on Erika’s projects. Join us, won’t you? What fun!

Yup, I’m a busy girl. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

EDIT: so busy in fact that I forgot to mention one of my other teams—The Shanty! This month our sponsor at the Shanty is the fantastic Amy Hutchinson of ah! Designs. Here is a layout I made for the Shanty using Amy’s beautiful Berry Me in the Sand kit:

Island Park

Love that little snapshot. What a cutie she was (and still is!).

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  1. Sugarplum Paperie Says:

    […] can find out more about it as I ramble on about all my various creative teams over here at my blog: creative chick-a-dee. I think what she’s doing is so needed in the digital scrapbooking world and I’m […]

  2. CharleneV Says:

    that’s awesome about all the teams!! Beautiful layouts 😀

  3. kelleighr Says:

    Goodness! Those are some awesome layouts! I can tell I will need to come back here OFTEN for more inspiration.

  4. Suzy Says:

    Wow! Great LOs! And congrats on being invited to so many teams.

  5. Melissa Says:

    Great layouts, you are busy but sounds like you’re having lots of fun too.