putt putt fun.

A lot–and I mean a lot!–of my friends are playing over at the Funky Playground this week. They are having a Teacher’s Pet contest, kind of like American Idol for digi designers. Lot’s of great freebies to be found there! Check it out: FPD Teacher’s Pet.

Here’s a layout I made using Amy Sumrall’s Hoo’s Funky mini kit:


(click for credits)

I love this look on Katie’s face. She’s normally so silly and goofy, bouncing around from spot to spot, but here she was so serious as she was getting ready for her next shot at putt-putt. Not that she played seriously. She was quite comical as she whacked at and pushed the ball around with her club. We just let her have fun. She’s five, right? Putt-putt should be 100% fun.

This is a two year old boy’s take on putt putt:


Joshua just liked the ball. Ha!

Well, we all had a good time–especially me! Because now I am a grown up and I can say, “No, thanks! I don’t want to play. I’d rather just take pictures.” (never have been a fan of putt putt.) It’s so cool to be a grown up some days…

4 Responses to “putt putt fun.”

  1. Andrea Says:

    omigosh, would you look at that rosy cheeked little chunka monka chasing the ball???

  2. Jessica Says:

    I’m with you Nicole! Last time I played mini-golf they had to institute a “mercy rule” for me: after six attempts, I got to just pick the ball up and move on. Tell me again why this game is supposed to be fun?? 😉 We haven’t tried taking the boys yet, but I’m imagining it could get dangerous! “Ok John, swing the club at the ball… AT THE BALL!” LOL

    What a cutie your Joshua is! Don’t you just love a chubby little boy? 🙂

  3. Nett Says:

    See, now THAT’S how you play putt putt… he’s doin it RITE! At least that’s the only way I could play it and keep my sanity!! I love that LO of Katie too, so beautiful! Is there anything you suck at? I need to know because I’m super jealous of you and it would make me feel oodles better about myself!
    You know I never realized how close in age our kids were… I’m a bit slow aren’t I!?

  4. Amy H. Says:

    Holy cow, Joshua is growing like a weed!!

    Great page with Amy’s stuff – love the font work!