a new phase.

Yes! It’s time!

So, since January, I’ve been trying to watch what I eat. I’ve lost 13 pounds this way–a very good start! But I’ve definitely plateaued over the last two months. I’ve been stuck where I’m at.

I’m a South Beach Diet lover (helps me cook more and adds a lot more veggies to my diet, which are just delicious at this time of year) and when I saw the latest SB book at the library I nabbed it for a quick read. I discovered what I needed now–exercise. Bleh. The dreaded word.

So, after reading that, I went on two or three nice walks with my neighbor. That’s how long that lasted… two or three walks. We kinda gave up. And then my sweet neighbor moved about an hour away (but I’m in denial and I’m not talking about that… LOL!).

So, I got to thinking about this again today after listening to a program on the radio. I was thinking about that old truth–that God made our bodies so that when we exercise we actually have more energy. Isn’t that so amazing? And boy do I need more energy!

Well, I took the plunge and went shopping for some new running duds this afternoon. We stopped by Target and I found a sports bra and pair of shorts on clearance (w00t!) and a nice thin and cool shirt that’s just perfect for running. Then when we got home I couldn’t wait! I went running… for the first time in at least three if not four years. MAN! That felt good. And the whole time I was outside I was thinking “Ooo! I’m going to lose these 30 pounds! Ooo! I’m going to look like I used to and not feel so embarrassed! Ooo!!!” And I also came home like I was Super Woman and loaded the dishwasher, started a load of laundry, gave Katie a bath and tidied up my nails! I’m even thinking now about running again in the morning… Ooo!

Here’s to new beginnings!

5 Responses to “a new phase.”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Let’s do it together!! I added up what I need to lose, and it’s the equivalent of each of the birth weights of my boys. 🙂 So eventually I’ll lose James, then John, then finally Peter and won’t that be a freeing feeling! LOL

    Good for you to go running Super Woman!!

  2. Tammy Luna Says:

    Woo hoo! Go Nicole!! 😀

  3. Nett Says:

    Oh man… you just reminded me how much I love to run. Inspiration anyone??? Thank you, I needed that!

    Congratulations to you, it’s so awesome in so many ways. As cheesy as it sounds I’m so happy for you that got that nudge to go for it. It always took that one thing to push me before I got back to a good exercise routine… that’s the hard part! It’s such a relief when you pass that hurdle! WOO HOO 🙂

  4. Amy H. Says:

    You go, girl!!!

  5. Krista Says:

    Good for you!! If only I could live next to you. I REALLY SHOULD go running, I just need some motivation and a running buddy! HA!