ready to pack up and move.

We live in a nice place… so I feel ashamed to say that I can’t wait until we move.

I miss the hospitality of the South. Around here, I feel like people look at me like an illegal immigrant for not being born in Lancaster County. I’m ready to move—anytime, Lord! Put me somewhere I can grow roots, where the people are kind and the housing is affordable!

I love this layout about going to the cute little playground that’s right up the street from us:


But a few weeks ago I discovered that this playground has a “No Trespassing” sign posted in it. If you don’t live in one of the new homes that literally surround our neighborhood, they don’t want you there. Gee, thanks neighbors! I’m sure it’s just one of those “legal” things, covering their behinds and all. But now it bugs me and I won’t take the kids there anymore.

Then last week we were outside, getting ready to have a good time…

Kids in Pool

…when someone from the office came over to tell us that they don’t allow kiddie pools here. Sigh.

One day! One day I hope to have a little nest of my own… where I can grow my own vegetables in my huge garden, have a kiddie pool and let the children run wild in the grass all summer long.

I’ve got the Summertime Blues…

4 Responses to “ready to pack up and move.”

  1. Suzy Says:

    What a pain! Makes me grateful I live in the middle of nowhere, where people can’t enforce their own rules on me. Love those pics, though!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Aww, man I feel your pain about moving and community rules. We are moving in a few months but we won’t be able to put roots down there either. I don’t suspect that we will *love* CA enough to do that. We wanted so badly to head back to NC, it just feels like home. Hope you find a nice playground to take the kiddos to!

  3. Amy H. Says:

    Seriously. Seriously? No trespassing on a playground? No kiddie pools?! I’ve never heard of something so absurd. I hope something comes up for you soon. I will pray for you guys:)

  4. Pati Says:

    Oh, yuck. 🙁 Hubby and I once looked at a condo. We declined when we found out everyone had to have white drapes so the building would look uniform from the outside.