farm fun and a visit to a new church.

We had a very busy weekend. Lots of fun in the sun and time out and about. This Saturday we went to the Cherry Crest Adventure Farm to meet up with fellow digi scrap designer Kara Perrien and her family (her hubby, her sweet little girl and her mother-in-law). We had a wonderful time exploring all the cool things they have at Cherry Crest.

Our first stop was the “petting” zoo (more zoo then a place to pet, but I guess that’s due to the fact that so many little ones come through there all day long). One place where you could really get to touch the animals was here with the sweet little baby chicks:


We killed some time at the petting zoo and some of the fun play spots around the farm, then got in line for the corn maze. We heard one group tell the guide that the last time they had been through the maze, it took them THREE hours to get out. We were a little nervous about spending so much time walking around with three kids and one pregnant mommy. Eek! But it wasn’t bad at all! Here are my boys, holding the flag in the corn:


And here we are, buying our way out of the maze:


Too funny! They had this vending machine where you could buy pieces of the map for a quarter. Can you tell we were having fun? Lots of laughing! The girls were chilling out in the wagon here:


I’m so thankful that our friends shared their wagon with my five year old princess (who apparently thinks she’s still a baby and can’t walk herself…).

So, we found our way out… and it only took us about 45-50 minutes! Yay, team! Corn mazes are fun, but not when you feel lost and trapped and hot and tired and sick of wandering around in the corn. So this was the perfect maze length for me—just long enough to have a great time!

After lunch we were sucked into some strange “puppet show” (which I knew would probably be an ad for their kid’s “Make-a-Friend” and “Build-a-Barn” workshop). But what I didn’t expect was that it would be half video, half puppets and that it would be a “Hey, kids! Let’s learn some trite facts about how the Amish are just like us, but different!” show. Very weird. Very glad when it was over and we could go to the other side of the train tracks and play around at some of the other attractions they had at the farm.

Kara’s hubby, Corey and Travis went down this humongous slide that went down the side of a hill. They were really funny—kind of like 10 year old boys:


Then we went over to this really fun giant air pillow thing:


Joshua wasn’t so sure about it at first because of all the different kids bouncing at different times, throwing him off balance. But he got the hang of it and had a good time with his sister. Even little Liana was brave enough to climb up there and play:


The Strasburg Railroad cuts through the middle of the farm. It was cool to watch the train go by a few times…


All in all, a very awesome day!

Then on Sunday, we drove into Lancaster and visited a new little church plant in the city called Inner Metro Green. It was very cool. We enjoyed it! And we’re looking forward to getting together with some of the great people we met there this Sunday.

4 Responses to “farm fun and a visit to a new church.”

  1. Amy Hoogstad Says:

    Looks like great fun! The air pillow looks the most fun, though:)

    It would be great if you could find at home at IMG. Glad you had fun there:)

  2. Sugarplum Paperie » Creative Monday Says:

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  3. sharon dale Says:

    Hi Nicole…thought I’d come by here for a visit. I have been here ages ago so I’ve added you to my RSS Feeds to check out what you’re getting up to aside from all that scrapping! Your day out looks so much fun…slides, trains, farms, mazes and all the other things you got up to. We had two huge pillows at the resort we visited in June and boy were they heaps of fun. The kids didn’t like being on there with me as I bounced them all over the place and they would just face-plant into the thing! Ooops…no big kids allowed they said!

  4. Krista Says:

    This place looks like SO much fun!! Wish we had a fun place like this near us!! Your kiddos are sure cute!!