pill or prayer?

Here’s an excerpt from a great article. I think this settles the issue for me:

The reality is that we are both body and spirit, material and immaterial, incredibly complex meshes of chemicals and yet something that can’t be reduced to mere chemicals. We don’t have to give up our spirituality to acknowledge the reality that medical science has something to offer hurting souls, and we don’t have to give up our medical science to acknowledge that our hurting souls need more than the latest drug.

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2 Responses to “pill or prayer?”

  1. Jessica Says:

    When I was at the Women Discipling Women conference at Grace Community, I went to a session on just that topic. Here’s the link to the book the speaker has written about it if you’re interested:
    Lots of food for thought! 🙂

  2. Lauren Says:

    I cannot tell you what perfect timing it was for me to read this! Glad I decided to play ‘catch up’! (Neat how things work out that way sometimes, huh?) There are two people very near and dear to me that I’ll be sharing this with. I think it will prove to be a very positive reading for them. (And positive is something they both need in their lives right now!) Thanks for sharing the link!