list of woes.

I think I’ll make a list. Just a heads up—this isn’t really a happy little list. But this is what the last two weeks of my life have been like, unfortunately. And I thought it would feel good to just “vent.”

My List of Things That Have Gone Wrong Lately
(but have all worked out in the end, praise God!):

  • Two Fridays ago we went to pick up our truck from Budget. We arrived at 8:30 a.m., nice and early. But there was no 24 ft. truck waiting for us. We went to Dunkin’ Donuts, had a bit of breakfast and waited (and waited). They had to drive to Hershey, PA (30/45 mins away) to get us a 24 ft. truck. We left at 10:30 a.m. Meanwhile, my sister-in-law was welcoming in about 11 friends who were on time to our house to help us move. Praise God for all those great friends, though! I didn’t have to lift or clean hardly a thing.
  • Because of the delay in getting the truck, we had to push back our walk-though about an hour. Everything was clean, but in the rush I didn’t check through all the kitchen cabinets and I left my pot-holders still hanging in a cabinet (and it seems they only make tacky printed ones now? What, is it 1990 and I missed that? LOL! I’d like some nice plain mitts again, please!) and a few clean dishes that were drying in the dishwasher. The property manager said that she couldn’t be bothered to mail them to us though, so we’re out a few forks and spoons and a baking dish. Thankfully, I found a cute new baking dish at Wal-Mart for $6.00. Still bitter about the silverware and I can’t help but think about it every time I have to wash a spoon. Grrr. I’ll get over it. But it will probably cost $25 in new silverware. Sigh.
  • Found out that you can only tell so much about a neighborhood on Google’s street view. Not the best area of town, but not the worst either. We were going for “nice and affordable.” Thankfully, our apartment is nice and our neighbors are families, too. I think it will work out okay, it was just a bit of a shock at first.
  • I am SICK of getting stuck with 20-30 year old kitchen cabinets. That’s all I have to say about that.
  • We arrived on Saturday, got some essentials out of the truck and then waited for some friends to arrive on Sunday. Turns out that our friend’s friends flaked out on him and the poor guy also got stuck in holiday traffic coming up from his family’s house down South. At 3:00 p.m. (when we still hadn’t heard any news) I looked at Travis and said, “They are not coming. At least, we need to act like the aren’t. So let’s just get out there and bring the heavy stuff in.” And we did. In the rain. And me being only 5″2′ and 3 months pregnant. Travis was proud of me. I only had one tough moment when we were twisting the couch to get it in the door—I actually dropped the darn thing and started crying because my body just gave out. But thankfully I didn’t hurt a bit the next day! And our friend came by as soon as he could and helped Travis get everything off the truck in record time. And it turns out that the truck we ended up getting had a different sort of tailgate lift thing-y (instead of the more typical straight ramp that we had ordered), which was really God’s provision because He knew we’d need it. It did a lot of the lifting for us and I was grateful for it. So, it was all good in the end, even though it was hard.
  • The next morning, Travis found that he had left his coat in the back of the moving truck. He thought that’s where his keys were, too… the keys that also had the key to our padlock. So, we drove to take the truck back, hoping that they’d have a way for us to break the lock. On the way there, we stopped for gas. Travis had also forgotten his wallet. And I discovered that I had left my purse on the couch! So, I quickly drove back to the house to get it so we could fuel the truck and get it back on time. Turns out that they opened a half hour later than we thought, so we were okay. And they also had something to break the lock. But guess what? No keys were found in the coat. Guess where they were? On the windowsill of our bedroom with Travis’ wallet—and nobody had stopped to look up there. Sigh.
  • The library here is absolutely awesome. Sadly, we have to wait 30 days before we can check out more than 10 books each. That’s harsh for a book-lovin’ family like us!
  • We’ve been in Columbus about a week and a half now. Today was the first day we got our mail. After several phone calls and visits to the Post Office, it turns out that Travis’ hunch was right: they gave us keys to the wrong box and our mail was piling up in another box. Travis spoke with our nice mailman today and he offered to switch the lock for us tomorrow!
  • AT&T shipped out our new modem before we moved. Apparently to the wrong address, though. After lots of time on the phone with AT&T, Travis found out that UPS delivered our modem, that it was signed for and then refused (I’m guessing because the person read the name on the box?). Anyway, our modem also arrived today. With two other packages of Christmas presents from my mom and my dad! How nice!

So, when people ask me how the move went… well, it takes a long time to tell the whole story, so I just say, “It was okay.” Ha!

5 Responses to “list of woes.”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Sorry to hear it went so badly – but Rom 8:28 in a moment like this I suppose.

  2. Trouble Says:

    LOL, Auntie Cole! That’s what I call a moving adventure!

  3. Nett Says:

    FRIG! What a story, and a sucky one at that! We apparantly have luck in common with one another too LOL. I had a few similar things happen when I moved out here. Nothing quite helps throw you into a panic as the feeling of being stranded in a strange place… I’m so glad it’s over for you now and that you’re back! Next time I’m coming out to help!!

  4. Kelly Says:

    Girl I can totally relate!

    We moved too and anything that could go wrong, seemed to.

    Three weeks before moving in, I was coming here to paint and clean and using the fireplace without issue. First night here, somehow we broke one of the glass panes over night. No idea how it happened.

    The water system was updated the day before we started moving stuff in, and we noticed that it appeared the wall was sweating – from the temperature change and where it was, we thought nothing of it. Well I got up the other day and sediment was making it past the filtration system – we have hard water with a sand and salt filtering system – the drain for the tanks to backwash into is blocked – found my sweat. grrrr

    We lost power three or four days in for over 16 hours with two little ones running around. Which meant no lights (both have dark phobias), no way to cook (my grill was still not over here (why would I need it in November right?), no water – which meant no toilets (oh yes, fun times).

    I feel your pain with the internet situation too… the people living here prior decided it was a cool idea to rip the phone wires out of the wall – so still no phone line because I am not paying for the phone company to charge me out the butt 😐

    When I got the cable hooked up, I had to pay a deposit like none other because yet again, the people before us decided not to pay their bill and the company was making sure we weren’t them / attempting to recoup some of the money I think.

    Had to pay a reconnect fee to the electric because it was disconnected – yeah who knew you need to like pay your bills to keep this stuff going? Apparently the people before didn’t get that connection on how things work in life.

    Oh and best of all was the snow falling as we were moving for it to turn to rain. Nothing like driving a moving truck on snowy mountain back roads – YAY!

    So I feel your pain and actually think I was luckier then you because you’re expecting and didn’t need the stress. But you’re moved and life will be good!


  5. sharon dale Says:

    Oh you poor things! What a lot to deal with being pregnant and all! It’s not much fun moving is it and I have to do it again this Friday after moving to my parents mid-September. We finally found a rental via a friend of a friend so it’s up to 4 years while the owners are overseas. Not looking forward to moving as it’s been pouring rain for 3 days straight here but hoping it clears up by Friday!