0/365: the dog catcher.

(starting early…)

0/365: the dog catcher

Here is my little “dog catcher.” He’s wearing his new policeman’s helmet here. He’s been enjoying chasing his sister around the living room today (she’s playing the dog, as usual–and wearing out the knees of her third pair of pants, too). What a cutie! Love this boy…

12 Responses to “0/365: the dog catcher.”

  1. Jill Says:

    I love that you’re getting a jump start on this project!

  2. Travis Seitler Says:

    Ah, just look at our smiling little shock trooper! (LOL)

  3. Sarah (my3hens) Says:

    This is adorable, hes so cute!

  4. Chris A. (Chreamps) Says:

    Love those big brown eyes! You’re off to a great start!

  5. Crystal (crystalbella77) Says:

    OMG! He’s just the cutest thing!!!!!!! I LOVE this picture!!

  6. leslie Says:

    oh nicole! he is too cute for words!

  7. Meg Says:

    Such a cutie! What a wonderful way to start your 365!

  8. Laurie Weaver Says:

    Love the energy in that face- just discovered that you move to Cbus as my son at OSU calls it. Lots to do there

  9. Simply Sarah Says:

    What a cutie! Love that hat. So glad to see so many doing this project.

    I just created a new blog for mine and I added you to my blogroll. http://simply365.blogspot.com

  10. Heather Says:

    too cute for words!

  11. SandraC Says:

    How cute! Don’t let him come near my dog…no catchers allowed LOL

  12. sharon dale Says:

    Gosh he looks so much like Travis. Cute and adorable!