unfinished scraps.

I went to a crop last night with one of my creative team members. How cool is that?! We had a great time… although I didn’t complete one single layout! Sigh…

3/365: my unfinished scraps.

I have a collection of four folders of “almost completed” layouts. Some need a title, some need journaling. Other are just an assortment of elements and papers that look great with the photos, but lack a final vision.

One the one hand, it’s nice to have a few layouts that just need a touch here and there before they are finished. It means that on a creative day, I can sit down and finish five layouts in one evening! But, on the other hand, there are layouts in here from 2006! I think what I need is to put aside my perfectionism and just get on with my hobby… I wish I were a “Creating Keepsakes Superstar” (and that holds me back!).

13 Responses to “unfinished scraps.”

  1. Crystal (crystalbella77) Says:

    I am still so jealous that you went to a crop with Kim! I will so be there one day! I will have to bring Stella though and just not plan on scrapping, cause I take her everywhere! lol! I love that you are so organized even with unfinished things, lol! I am the least organized person ever! lol!

  2. Brenda Says:

    I need to get some folders like that. i am also jealous that you get to crop with your friends. Note to self. Make friends with fellow scrappers. Great photo.

  3. Cindy Says:

    That is why I am so glad I finally went digital. I never finished a LO when I did paper scrapping cause I always wanted a LO like the ones in the magazine.

  4. Jamie Says:

    Oh, I so know the feeling. I have several of these folders too. Someday. . . Love the photo of them!

  5. Jasmin Says:

    Loos like you have had a great time! Your pic is great! I wish I could be so organized like you!

  6. Kelleigh Says:

    You totally crack me up! If it makes you feel any better, I spent and entire Saturday last summer cutting titles for unfinished layouts in four albums with a Cricut at my LSS. I still haven’t glued any of them down, and I can’t remember what I wanted them to say!

    Here’s to the unfinished page!

  7. Simply Sarah Says:

    Ok, now I am missing my paper. I need to craft… I have sat at this computer for 3 days straight and I think it wants to stop on me. I look at crops as adult interaction and not so much as art and craft time… if you finish – great. if not, well, you had a great time, right!!!

  8. Amy Says:

    I am the same way — I have digital LOs that are unfinished on my computer because they’re not “perfect.” I’m trying to scrap more for preserving memories now, rather than to make the LOs look like a magazine cover! My family loves all the LOs I do — they don’t read Creating Keepsakes, so to them, mine are perfect! 🙂

  9. Jess Says:

    I am so the same way…I have a huge “to finish” folder on the computer!

  10. Iris Says:

    I love that photo! I have the finished folder on my computer!

  11. sharon dale Says:

    LOL Nicole! Being a paper scrapper too, I’ve got so many layouts and off the page projects that are ‘not quite’ finished. They’re usually started at classes and never finished but once they come home, I can never seem to find time to do those last few bits! And it must have been fun to meet Kim IRL!

  12. Simply Sarah Says:

    Hey Nicole….. you are falling off the wagon!

  13. gabs Says:

    oh nicole, I am sure you can make it! come on and give it a try right now – NOW!