Found proof (on Flickr) that I was also at the farm a few weeks ago:


But that’s also from the back… (just not 10 miles away, Jessica!)

You think I’ve scarred my husband for life? Now, with this third pregnancy, he just knows better than to ever try to snap a photo from the front. Ha!

Well… in all honesty, I do complain a lot about bad looking “very fat” pregnant momma photos. ::blush::

Notice my hair is “not at all” bright red anymore? Sigh… I’m looking forward to a postpartum pampering session (hair cut, hair dye; feeling pretty again–ah!).

One Response to “proof”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Well, at least now your kids will know that you were there. 😉 I bet you’re a cute pregnant momma, but I totally get the feeling of pregnancy “blah”… just a little longer and then maybe you can thrown a pedicure in with the hair cut & color!