the farm.

We drove out to visit with my in-laws on their Eastern Ohio property yesterday afternoon. Good times were had by all (except for when we were in the car, when good times were not had by this momma—ugh!). That’s probably the last two hour car trip I’ll be taking for a good, long time. Ha!

Joshua got a big kick out of the 4-wheeler:


He kept climbing up and down, pretending to “vroom.” I love this crazy face I captured in action…

My father-in-law is planting a huge garden out here and Katie loved helping (and playing in the dirt).


My mother-in-law picked up kites for the kids… and guess who had a great time playing with them? Travis!


And I just sat around in the Spring sunshine, soaking up the rays and enjoying the day (since I’m in my 9th month and I have a great excuse to be lazy now—hee hee!). Oh, and here’s a picture to prove that I was there, too (I’m on the left). Looks like my MIL and I have the same taste in clothes—we’re dressed alike. Ha!


It’s such a beautiful place! I can’t wait until the day comes when they can live out there (instead of 7 hours away in PA). I sure do miss everyone…

5 Responses to “the farm.”

  1. Candice S. Says:

    I have never been to THIS site! What beautiful photos! You’re an excellent photographer!!! I love being outside and it looks soooo beautiful there!

    However, I am in “inside” girl today! It’s 90+ degrees outside and it’s just way too early in the year for that craziness!

    I am off to buy the new FEMNZ grab bag! it looks so fabulous! If you’re reading this, will you help clarify something for me? This GB is labeled as FEMNZ #3. I have FEMNZ #2; was the first FEMNZ GB the one that you fabulous ladies created for Mellisa Toy? I think it is, but when I went and looked on my EHD, it wasn’t labeled as such. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss out on any of the FEMNZ goodness!!!! LOL!

    Hugs and smooches!

  2. Candice S. Says:

    OH! And I forgot to say…….

    OMG! I cannot believe you’re in your 9th month!!!! My, my how time flies! It seems as though it was just days ago when I learned of your pregnancy!! I know it was many months ago, but it seems like it was yesterday!

    I cannot WAIT to see the cute baby pictures (should you decide to share)!!! I know you’ll have your hands full, but that’s what you do…..too much stuff! 🙂

    Hugs and smooches (again!)

  3. amymom24 Says:

    Isn’t it so nice to have a place where you can go and let your kids get a taste of the country? Both my parents and in-laws live in the country and our kids just LOVE visiting them:)

    I can understand why you don’t want to go on anymore road trips for a while… yech.

    Love Joshua’s face on the 4-wheeler;)

    All the best as you continue to count down the days until new baby comes!!!

  4. Jessica Says:

    I’m so glad to see you blogging again!! Looks like you had a fun trip… my in-laws also live on a large piece of property and keep goats, and the boys always have such a fun time there. Love the photo of Joshua; he seems to have really been enjoying that 4-wheeler! How come the only picture of you is from the back and 10 miles away? 😉

  5. Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama Says:

    Well, hello there, stranger. 🙂 Wow….your 9th month already??? Did you just find out about it? How did it fly by that fast?