penny: zero to one month.

Little Miss Penny turned one month old yesterday! I thought I’d mark the occasion by posting some (oft requested) snapshots along with some “Penny Notes.”

For each of my kids, I’ve made little notes on the new things that they were able to do at what age, usually in a notebook. Then, when it came time to scrap a page for their baby books, there were all the little bits of info I needed, all ready to go! Because goodness knows—there’s no way I’m going to be able to remember this stuff without some help! Ha! And this time, I’ve decided that I want to try to do this on my blog (since I’m less likely to lose it this way). Fun! 🙂

So, here’s a snapshot of Miss Penny-Pensters from the other day:


As you can see here, she has a little bunny friend. He’s close to being about as big as she is!

And she likes him already! See?


Chomp! He’s delicious. 🙂

Penny Notes:

  • On the day she was born, I noticed two things about Penny. First, he was already looking for her thumb! If you could help her to find her hand and get it near her mouth, she would slurp all over it (and it’s a really noisy event, too). We have a feeling that she’s going to be a happy little thumbsucker. I can just see her now at two with pigtails in her hair, sucking on her thumb all day long. The other thing was that she really wanted to hold her head up on her own! She loves to look at our faces when we hold her and she’ll take a peek over our shoulders to check out the world around her when she’s being burped. She’s ready to go, this one!
  • Penny is very cuddly–very cuddly. She has such a sweet disposition and she’ll just lay on you and rest their peacefully with you while you hold her. She also seems to prefer sitting upright to laying in your arms, so she just clings to us and rests on our shoulders. We like to call her our little spider monkey. That’s also because at first, she also seemed to be so small, like a tiny little monkey. I put her in onesies that Joshua and Katie have worn at the same age and they were huge on her. But not anymore—now she’s jumped up in weight and is wearing 3m. and some 6m. clothing. Joshua also had a huge growth spurt like this at one month.
  • Penny has been a really good sleeper… to the point that sometimes it’s just impossible to keep the girl awake! I’ll go to burp her for less than a minute and she’ll have fallen asleep already. It’s only been in the last week that she’s had any “playtime” at all. And she’ll only want to be awake for about 15 minutes before she starts yawning and fussing. Thankfully, she’s also been sleeping well at night. For the last two weeks, she’s had one 5 hour stretch during the night. Yay! I don’t think Joshua did that until he was 12 months old? (That was rough…)
  • Penny loves to look at our faces. When anyone comes to talk to her, she’ll look at them and make these little kissy faces with her lips. So cute! She was opening and closing her month one day and Joshua said to her “What, Penny? What do you want to say?” LOL! She’ll also track with you. If you go to leave the room, she’ll try to follow you with her eyes and even move her head to watch you go.
  • She can be a little cranky too (but that’s mostly when she has a dirty diaper or a stubborn burp). Once you pick her up, she stops crying and is peaceful once again.

And what do Katie and Joshua think of her? They adore her!


They always want to kiss and pet her or hold her if we’re willing. Honestly, they don’t get to see her much during the day because she’s so darn sleepy! So it’s a treat for them to spend time with their sister.


(Love the “Say Cheese” grin here.)

In other news, Katie is getting ready to lose her first tooth! I’m excited! Actually, we might need to help her along with that a little. Her two new bottom teeth have decided to take the easy route and they are already coming in behind her baby teeth. I believe dentists call it “Shark’s Teeth.” Not looking forward to having to do anything that might be painful to help those teeth out. Eek! I heard a good thing to try is some Orajel and a little wiggling to help the tooth along.

Now, for my next post… I hope to get my camera and collect all the lovely presents people have been sending me so I can take snapshots, post them and properly thank you all! Just waiting for a sunny day and a little time to do it—on the same day! LOL!


10 Responses to “penny: zero to one month.”

  1. Jessica Says:

    She’s sooo precious Nicole!! I feel that baby bug coming on… want to send her my way for a day so I can satisfy the urge without having to give up the next nine months of my life? 😉 Aren’t cuddly babies the best? I love those photos of Katie and Joshua with her!
    Look forward to more “Penny notes”!!

  2. amymom24 Says:

    She seems like such a perfect baby! I cannot get over how big she is at 1 month old. She looks so much older! That is awesome that she is such a good sleeper. Hopefully more “you time” means you are a little more relaxed! She is gorgeous:)

    Re: Katie’s teeth. I had that too! I had wicked teeth as a youngster. My parents took me an orthodontist at age 8 or 9 to get a retainer, and then he proceeded to pop out all the baby teeth I had with a little tool. Didn’t even warn me! I don’t remember it hurting, though. There was a bit of blood, but the roots had long since died, and they were just shells. So, lesson for you, don’t let it get that bad and do the orajel and wiggling thing:)

  3. Denise Says:

    Oh…what a sweetheart. those photos are precious Nicole!

  4. Cristina Says:

    She’s just adorable!! I love how you’re keeping track of her notes. 🙂 All the pictures are just beautiful and it’s so sweet how Katie and Joshua like to hold her!

  5. Pati Says:

    Hee hee. I like the photo with Katie holding Penny. Penny has this, “Huh?!” look on her face. :p

  6. Melissa Says:

    Your children are beautiful! Congrats on little Penny- what a darling!

  7. wvsandy Says:

    Love your wonderful photos! Your notes are fantastic. Wish I had thought to do something like that when my babies were young.

  8. jennamy82 Says:

    Love all those notes about Penny, Nicole she is just precious & so so cute!! Katie and Joshua look like they love her to bits, that is just the sweetest!

  9. Charity Says:

    She’s absolutely lovely, Nicole!

  10. Chantal Kennedy Says:

    I love your pictures…your kids are absolutely adorable!