the penny present post.

Okay, I’ve been promising that I’d do this for about two months now… (whoops!)

I proudly present the “Penny Present Post!” I have the bestest on-line buddies in the world. And they showered me with some fantastic presents (showing me that they’ve been paying attention and they know what I like!) I am so blessed… ::sniffle::

And everything here was handmade! Most all of it came from little shops on Etsy. I just love Etsy… and I love supporting other stay-at-home mommas like me by shopping on Etsy and buying their amazing creations. If you’ve ever checked out Etsy, prepare to get lost browsing the store for hours… 🙂

So, the first goodies to arrive were from Megs and Nett:


How flippin’ adorable! A pair of handmade felt and cloth shoeies and a dress made from strawberry fabric. Too stinkin’ cute.

Next to arrive where some goodies from the girls on my Sugarplum Paperie creative team! Here is a fun little thing called a “beanpod”:


You stick your little bebe inside the beanpod to keep her warm and cozy. Very cute! Love the idea.

And they also sent this little embellished dress and shoe set:


Love the little butterflies and deers on the front. Makes me think of scrapbook paper I’ve seen! Very mod, very cool.

Then my friend Jill send a huge assortment of delightful things! Inside was a onesie that she made for Penny out of a Sugarplum Paperie kit!


(If you’re curious as to how she did that, there are several posts about how to make baby onesies with iron-on transfers on The Hybrid Chick blog.)

And she also sent this present that I just LOVE:


It’s like this big towel/apron thingy you can wear at bathtime. It will keep Momma dry from splashy babies and it also allows you to simply pick up your squiggly, squirmy little munchkin and easily wrap her up to dry her off. So cool! And Jill also a gift card for Momma to a paper shop on Etsy that I’m dying to spend. I already picked out and saved what I was as a favorite… I just have to go and order it. LOL!

And finally I received this amazing gift from my girlfriends at the Digichick—a Digichick Diaper Bag!


Seriously—I’m so blessed! And Penny is one lucky girl. 🙂

Thank you everyone! You girls are just the best and I’m so grateful to know you and work with you. BIG HUGS!

3 Responses to “the penny present post.”

  1. amymom24 Says:

    Ooo, that apron this IS cool! I totally could’ve gotten a ton of use out of something like that the last couple years:)

    Glad you got so spoiled:) You deserve it!

  2. Jessica Says:

    What adorable gifts! The little pairs of shoes are too cute!! I second Amy on the apron… we’re working on teaching the oldest two how to shower and I think I get wetter standing outside the shower than they get on the inside. 😉

  3. Megs Says:

    Did you also know the dress style i called the ‘Penelope’? hahaha glad you likey and I love everything I see here! Lucky girl.