penny: two to three months & three to four months.

Time for a Penny Post!


Two to Three Months:

  • Right as Penny turned two months, she started to coo and to “talk” to us, making little “Woooo, woooo” noises. Very adorable!
  • Sometimes you can get her to laugh, but it’s just a little chuckle, like “Huh.” More often, she’ll give you a smile so big, it looks like she can hardly contain herself.
  • She is one fat little pumpkin! She’s outgrowing outfits her sister was able to wear for much longer.
  • She’s much more tolerant and patient when we’re out and about. Case in point—we were able to get a new stroller thanks to a gift from Travis’ Grandfather. We went straight out to the park the next day! We were there for a while, walking around on a beautiful September day (which, by the way, we discovered is the only real sunny time of year around here) and I started thinking “Okay, any minute now, she’ll start to fuss and it will be time to go!” But, no! She was sweet and pleasant the whole time. She feel asleep in the stroller and enjoyed the ride. And when she woke up, she didn’t fuss! This is not how the other two ever acted. What a sweet surprise! So now we’ve been out a few times to the store, the mall, the park and the zoo. Penny’s been great on each and every trip. And the last time we came home from the store, we left her in her car seat while we unloaded the groceries from the trunk… and no tears! She just watched everyone. It’s so nice to have one of those babies for a change.
  • What color are her eyes? We have no idea. Um… light brownish grayish green?


Three to Four Months:

  • Penny already loves to be in the same room as her brother and sister. Whatever they are doing, she wants to be nearby. We washed up all the baby toys for her and she likes to play with them. We’ll make a special place for Penny to lay so that she can bat at her toys and watch her siblings.
  • She loves to chew on some those toys, too. Katie and Joshua never really chewed on the chew toys, but Penny will! Fingers are also her favorite food. She still hasn’t quite discovered how to suck her thumb, but she always has those little grubby fingers in her mouth.
  • Her favorite thing is fabric! She likes to hold blankets, bibs or burp cloths. She loves to stick them in her month and chomp on them, too. She’ll smile real big when you go to cover her up and the blanket is headed for her little hands and face. She looks like she’s saying “Yippee!”
  • She’s still as cuddly as ever and will cling to you like a little spider monkey. She often rests her temple on my temple… and I feel all smoo-y inside.
  • As she started to turn four months, she would get more insistent about sitting up. But she didn’t like to sit in her swing anymore. She’s arch her back trying to get out of it, actually! One day, I took Penny into the kids’ room and I saw Katie’s little Princess papasan chair… and plopped her in it. The adorableness was a little overwhelming for us because it was such a perfect fit:


  • She has more hair at this age than the other two ever had!
  • She really never cries. She yells! But she doesn’t cry. When Penny wakes up, it sounds like she’s calling for me, saying “Wah” more that really going “Wah.” She’s such a mellow and sweet baby. We’re amazed everyday at how awesome she is! Everybody loves her…


Popular Penny Nicknames:

  • Princess Pumpkin Pants
  • Pumpkin Joy (Joshua likes to call her this one—since the day she was born)
  • Penny Benny
  • The Pensters
  • Pennerlope (like Jackalope)
  • Per-neller-pea
  • Penny Poozlles
  • Punky Boozlles

And I still haven’t run off to get her birth certificate. Feeling a little guilty about that one. But who likes having to go downtown to do stuff like this? Not me! Ugh…


6 Responses to “penny: two to three months & three to four months.”

  1. Stephanie/PurdueLiz Says:

    Oh Nicole, she is absolutely beautiful!

  2. Jessica Says:

    She is sooo sweet Nicole! I love that photo of her and Katie together!

  3. Kate Says:

    Aww Nicole she is so stunning!! All of your babies are. GORGEOUS!!

  4. gabsg Says:

    oh my, she is sooo adorable

  5. Donna Says:

    What a cutie! I love her little smile in that first photo. Happy, happy baby.

  6. Sharon Dale Says:

    Oh, I could just look at Penny all day, she is just so gorgeous and cuddly. I’m so glad she’s such a wonderful little bub for you Nicole and she looks so much like the other kiddos 🙂