early fall in columbus.

A few other family notes to mention:


At the beginning of September, Katie lost her first tooth! Here she is posing with it.

Her new tooth was growing up fast behind the baby tooth. I was surprised because it took a while for this one to wiggle its way out. So, she doesn’t really have a gap now that it’s gone! You can kinda tell that in this picture.

I am a little worried about the other tooth that’s the neighbor of this one—it’s also having the new tooth shoot up in back of the baby tooth. But this tooth is a lot like my own crooked teeth and I’m concerned that the new tooth is so far back, it’s not going to bother to help knock the baby tooth in front out of its way. Ack! And I don’t want to have to take my baby girl to the dentist to have them yank it out. That’s way too scary of a thing for any six year-old, I think! She’d probably never, ever want go to the dentist again.

Funny story:

When the Tooth Fairy First Came to our House

So… I guess I’ve done too good a job at informing my kids that certain holiday characters aren’t real, which is okay with me. But when it came time for a little Tooth Fairy Fun, Katie wasn’t buying it. All day long we talked about the fun tradition of the Tooth Fairy and what would happen that night when the Tooth Fairy came to visit. She didn’t believe there was a Tooth Fariy—she said that she knew it would be us. But she seemed like this would be fun, to give her tooth to the Tooth Fairy.

Well, looking at this little thing in my hand, I thought “We’d better put it in something.” And then an idea came to mind! A few weeks before, I had made this mini album for The Hybrid Chick blog. Katie watched me the whole time and then started to make her own mini envelopes every chance she got. So I thought, “Ah-ha! Little paper envelope—this will be easy to find under her pillow!”

So, we made the envelope together, put it under her pillow and kissed her goodnight. We waited a few hours to see if she’d get up to go to the bathroom. But when it got to be our bedtime, we thought up a sneaky plan to go in and try to find the tooth. If she woke up, we’d just say “Let’s go potty, honey!” Well, I went in, slipped my hand under the pillow and I couldn’t find the envelop. Ack! I snuck out of the room and told Travis and he said “I bet she’s sleeping with it in her hand!” So, I went back in and woke her up and said “Let’s go potty!” While she was in the bathroom, I started searching all over her bed and I did find the little package in the sheets around where she would have had her hands. The stinker! We tucked her back in and I hid the tooth away some place until I can get it into a keepsake box I have for her and went to bed.

Well, at about 6:00 a.m. we were woken up by a bawling, unintelligible Katie. Why was she crying? Because her tooth was gone! She couldn’t find it. And all that was there under her pillow was “A COIN!”


I assure you—we talked about this allllllllllll day long the day before. Can you imagine? I’ve never heard of a kid who was traumatized that the Tooth Fairy actually came and took her tooth. I guess she really liked that little envelope! Ha ha!

So, what’s Buddy Bear been up to?


Not much. Just being a funny guy. Here’s a cute picture of him when we went to the Zoo in early October. I love how he doesn’t really ever give you a big smile (certainly not for the camera), unless he’s being a little stinker—and he knows it! Then, he’ll give you a BIG ‘ol smile. The little imp!

His new favorite past time: Trying to make his sister laugh so hard she has to go running to the bathroom. Sigh. He’s awful. But adorable at the same time.

We had our first day of school in early September as well:


Back to School

The fun part this year is trying to balance all of Katie’s books and lessons with a very eager three year-old who wants to do his ABCs. He’s very good already! He knows lots of letters and most of his numbers. I’m guessing that’s thanks to all the edu-tainment I’ve allowed in the house (the kind of games and toys that didn’t grate on my nerves or drive me up the wall). Probably more than Katie did, Joshua has had all kinds of unschooled exposure to the ABCs (like the magnets on our fridge or the dry erase marker book that Katie was given a while ago)… and it’s all adding up!

But it is hard to juggle teaching two kids! One is at the point where she can do some of her own work… but it’s too tempting to watch what Mommy is doing with Buddy. The other is a little demanding and doesn’t care if you’re working with his sister right now. He wants you to tell him the name of the next letter. Sigh. But we manage! It’s not too bad. And there are a lot of things we can do together.

And that’s what we’ve been up to lately! The First Day of School, losing a few teeth, going to the Zoo, a few trips to the park when the weather is nice… but mostly missing the sunshine most days and staying inside (and trying not to go stir crazy while we’re at it). Good times!

The weather’s been so depressing. It will be overcast for seven days straight with one day of sun (and a full day of sun if you’re lucky!). Then it will be overcast again for seven more days—and sadly, this is no exaggeration. I’ve never lived anywhere like this! Living in Maryland and Pennsylvania, I got used to having a week of cloudy weather in the middle of Winter… but I think Columbus has been mixed up with Seattle or something. No, wait—they get rain in Seattle. We just get clouds. All the time. Lots of clouds. In every season. Travis’ birthday was on September 26th and the plan was to go to the Zoo for the day. We had to wait until October 1st until the sun came out again… and by 4 p.m. it was gone again. Sigh. It can really get to you.

Did I mention that I was born and raised in the Sunshine State?!

Fall is most certainly NOT my favorite season. Hmpt.

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  1. Flergs Says:

    I have an little award on my blog for you 😉


    Megs xxx.

  2. Sharon Dale Says:

    Oh Nicole, I just love the tooth fairy story! Toby is 6.5 and still hasn’t got a loose tooth yet and I get all squeamish when I see kids losing theirs or wiggling them – ewww! Although I’m not scared of the dentist myself, so will have to deal with it when it happens. But we never used to leave our teeth under our pillow when we were kids. We always popped them into a glass of water and there would be money in the glass in the morning along with some pretty coloured magic water (aka cordial)! So I’ll stick with that tradition for my kiddos 🙂

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