altered embellishments.

Something crafty to share today! I haven’t shared much of anything in the way of arts and crafts on my blog in a long time (I secretly long for many more hours in my day, so that I too can be one of those nifty, inspiring bloggers who’s blogs we all love to read).

I happened upon such a blog last night, in fact! Well, first I made a stop over at 2Peas and while I was there, this project caught my eye (you have to click on this and check it out!):


(Embellished Doily Project by JenLBinPA)

And from there, I traveled to the source of this amazing idea, the blog of Christine Middlecamp. I drooled for about an hour all over my keyboard. If you have some time, I’d highly recommend going over there to drool some yourself. 😉

Then this morning, I awoke with the bug to seriously alter some small stuff! So here’s what I did today. I had this flower piece in a pack of paper embellishments by K&Co. that I picked up at Target:


Sweet. But plain. Bet we could make this a little more fun, huh? 😉

STEP 1: Distress Some Flowers

I got a handful of paper flowers that were about the same shade of pink together and I sprayed them with a little pearly glimmer mist. Ever the patient one, I soon found myself in the bathroom with the hairdryer, trying to get these puppies to hurry up and be ready to play with! Glimmer mist—lots of fun. Waiting for it to dry? Not so much…

A few of my friends have recently been playing around making their own paper flowers from scratch here are some my friend Mari made:


My version was the short & sweet/quick & easy version: Instead of cutting or punching out flowers, I just grabbed a handful of flowers to crumple and glitz up.


STEP 2: Disassemble and Reassemble

I also had these white cardstock flowers that I picked up on the same trip to Target. I started disassembling them, ripping off the little pearl brads and dissecting the layers where they had been glued together. I used parts of these white cardstock flowers as layers in between my pink flowers. Here’s a whole one next to some bits and pieces I was working on:


And here’s what it looks like fully assembled and attached to the main piece:


STEP 3: Keep on Embellishing!

Then I attached a few more tidbits…

I found a butterfly in the pack of K&Co. embellishments. I rolled back it’s wings with my fingers and added some rhinestones to the center. Behind that I placed a clear circle piece from a pack of Making Memories goodies. Then on the left side, I attached three silk leaves to the back of the piece.


Try as I might, I couldn’t figure out what to do with the open area that has the violets in it. I think I’ll wait to see what sort of layout this piece will go on and then I’ll pick some word art to go in that area.

So there’s my little project for today! I needed something crafty to lift me out of my blue mood. I was feeling a little low on digital creative juices and this was just the fun I needed.

(And who knows—if I keep this up, I might actually because one of those cool scrapbooking bloggers, eh? That would be fun!)

6 Responses to “altered embellishments.”

  1. Mari Koegelenberg Says:

    Ooh Ooh I know! Add some bling! 😉 lol! Or if you have some liquid pearls! Sooo pretty!

  2. Donna Wells Says:

    TOTALLY CUTE! You did a great job. You took her inspiration and made it your own. Fun!

  3. Sinead Says:

    so pretty! I’m inspired! Now I want the thing that Mari has to cut things out and the a bunch of punches and bling and…

    OH! You enablers!! 😉

  4. Sharon Dale Says:

    Oh Nicole, I’m so glad you found some time to get your hands dirty again and I adore what you created! And I’m off to check out those fab altered doilies at 2 Peas. I have followed Christine Middlecamp’s blog for a long time…she’s just amazingly talented isn’t she!

  5. Sharyn Says:

    Nicole this is adorable – I think we might all be playing with doilies this week!

  6. Jeryn Says:

    This turned out so adorable!! I can’t wait to get into my studio to try this out myself. Those doilies are JUST WAY TOO CUTE!