the birthday boy.

We had another birthday in the family this week: Joshua Felix turned four yesterday!

We had a “Very Merry Pixar Birthday” at our house. Joshua loves the movie Cars and he has about three different Lighting McQueens, but no Maters. So now he has a set of cars from Cars (which also added a fourth Lighting McQueen to the collection–But, hey! That’s just one for every year!) and his very own Mater to play with. He was thrilled!

Then our family in PA sent a bucket load of Toy Story presents that had both the kids jumping up and down. Here’s the big sister, trying to be polite and restrain her enthusiasm.


And here’s the little sister, who was making no such attempt to retrain herself…


[“Are these for me?!”]

Then big sister just couldn’t contain it any longer…


And neither could little sister…


She likes Woody. He’s her new favorite toy. She’ll yell at you if you try to take him away from her. And she loves to walk around with Woody’s hat in her mouth. Ha!

Later on after dinner, we had cake:


From Target. Not too bad. Sickeningly sweet, though. I couldn’t finish my piece!

Today the birthday boy is out on the town with his Grammy. They went to see some race cars, check out a firetruck and see the speedboats that are in town for the annual Grand Prix. I’d say he’s in little guy heaven today! Some birthday. It’s good to be four!

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