better late.

So, I was inspired the other night by a blog I love to read. For years I’ve been peeking in on Alicia Paulson’s blog, Posie Gets Cozy. Reading blogs like hers makes me want to turn my house into a home and savor the simpler things in life.

Well, she was talking the other day about how she loves to make quilts and how it’s great to have them here and there and everywhere around the house when you feel like snuggling up with something. And I was reading this thinking “Oh, yes! Me, too! Ah…”

But alas, I embarked on a quilt making project several years ago and I still have yet to finish up the darn thing!


It was originally going to be a crib quilt for my daughter, Katie (who is now 7… so I’ve been working on this for almost 8 years now!). ::shudder::

Once she was over a year old and I still had not finished sewing together all the blocks, it evolved into more of a “lap size” quilt:


At least I was thinking reasonably there…

I think I’m just too much of a perfectionist for my own good. I had to plan out my own pattern, working with different books. I had to seam everything together just right. And of course I had to quilt it together by hand—with a fancy flying bumble bee pattern on the blank squares… can you see why this isn’t done yet?!

And you know, I think I’ve spent more time imagining how I will feel when this quilt starts to fall apart one day than I have working on it… and that just kills my motivation to work on it. But now that I see that I’ve been doing that, I know I’ll just have to push those thoughts aside and focus on doing the best sewing job that I can. Things fall apart in this life—that doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy them while we have them for that sweet season!

Well, after the second year of stuffing this project in the closet again, the guilt really started to set in. I felt like some of the bumble bees needed to be redone and I just didn’t want to face the task of taking out all those stitches to do them over again.

But I would see it there in the closet and think: “Oh, I’m a terrible mother! I didn’t finish this heirloom.”

“What is she going to do with a baby blanket now that she’s four?”

“Maybe if I ignore it, the guilt will go away…”

But I forgot who this project is really for:


[She couldn’t resist wrapping up with it when she found it on the rocking chair where I was working]

So, the other night, thanks to my inspiring blog hopping, I thought seriously about this quilt again. I thought “You know, I bet she’d love to have this on her bed, even now that she’s seven.” (Ack! Seven? Guilt! Seven?! Oh, my…) “And it would feel really good to just finish this! And once I do, I can start on something new—something MUCH less complicated!” Ha!

I found the quilt in a box and I unpacked “the guilt.” I rolled it out on the bed and wondered what was so wrong with the bees?! They looked just fine! So, I got out a needle and thread and set to work on a new bee and outlining a flower. And this time, I’m determined that I will finish this… eyestrain and all (Oy! I have a headache today after only 30 minutes of stitching!). But I will push through! And hold the cloth a little father from my face, too. ::snicker::

I want to live a life full of handmade goodness and not just drool at listings on Etsy and other people’s beautiful blogs (like Paper*Cakes—that’s another one I love!).

So, I’m going to make it happen!

You know…

…in my spare time. Ha!

2 Responses to “better late.”

  1. Cari Cruse Says:

    Love the quilt, Nicole, it is so warm & cozy looking! I grew up helping my mom makes dozens and dozens of quilts. I, however, did not inherit the quilting gene, although I still have hopes of someday making a quilt or two myself. 🙂

  2. Ina Says:

    That’s a gorgeous quilt! Don’t let the guilt get you down, we all have projects we’ve started and haven’t finished. In fact, you’ve inspired me to get restarted on some of my own!