Mmm. Yummy! I love planning out a new project.

So, I pulled out my fabric bin one rainy afternoon… and was surprised to find a ton of memories!

You see, I have a history of stop-and-start projects (and a large collection of half a yard of this and two yards of that to prove it). But I found it shocking that I had so many memories contained in this box! As Katie and I took out piece after piece of fabric I found lots of stories to tell. First thing she spotted was the Belle dress I had started to make her… until I realized I didn’t buy enough yellow satin.

Then there were bits and pieces from her flower girl dress that I made for my brother-in-law’s wedding. She was just two then! After the wedding, I let her play dress-up with that until it practically fell apart.

And there were scraps from a skirt and a dress I made her, too… and many more yards of fabric for skirts and dresses I had dreamed of making her. And lots of untouched patterns in the box that left me feeling guilty with all the wishes and dreams I never seem to get around to. But I tried to push that aside.

There were the curtains I made for our townhome in PA. And the fabric for the curtains I didn’t end up making, too.

And there were scraps left over from the days I made head-coverings for us to wear.

And there was the fabric I bought for “Joshua’s Quilt” which never came to life, since I still hadn’t finished Katie’s!

And there was even scraps of fabric left that I had bought for my very first project. I was going to create a quilted tote bag… an appliquéd quilted tote bag. I started on the appliqué and it didn’t go so well, so that was the end of that. Later that fabric was re-purposed for the aforementioned head-coverings.

I was amazed! I’ve always imagined that “back in the old days” patchwork quilts were so treasured because they contained all the bits and pieces of a person’s life—like a scrapbook in fabric form. But I thought to myself, “Well, I just go to Jo-ann’s and pick out the pretty things I like and make stuff with it. What’s special about that?” But here were all these stories! Here were little bits and pieces of my life! Collecting these pieces at different times and using them in different ways over the years gave them meaning… they are special to me!

Golly, I’m just a sucker for pattern! I crack myself up. I collect pretty patterned scrapbook paper. I buy scraps of beautiful fabrics in the hopes I’ll find a good use for them. I started designing digital scrapbook papers because I’m so in love with patterns! They make me happy…

So, anyway… my goal in digging out the fabric bin was to see if I had things on hand to make a simple patchwork lap quilt for the couch. Right now we have an IKEA blanket that’s fading fast and my old Lion King throw that I bought in college! Ha! Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a bit of homemade goodness hanging off the arm of the couch instead? Yes, I’m enamored with my new dream of putting this together.

So, a pinch of this and a pinch of that… a few memories pulled out of the box, all put together and I have my palette! I’m excited to get started. And I’m using that fire to help me finish up Katie’s baby quilt! I figure I better put this motivation to good use. 😉

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  1. Melissa Says:

    What a cool idea to use your unfinished projects!!

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