a scrapping kick.

Woo-hoo! It feels very good to be making progress towards my goal of getting this year scrapped! So far I have created about seven pages and I’m still feeling very motivated to make more. Here’s one I made today that I love (it’s a scraplift, so please don’t be too impressed! I really loved this layout: Hello, Beautiful, so I lifted it!):

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But, you know… if it weren’t for writing a blog post up, all about rediscovering the quilt in the closet and making a resolution to finish it, I wouldn’t have made this page. I don’t think I would have even had this picture! I took it on the day I was getting photos ready for my post. But even if I did have this snapshot, I probably would not have thought to scrap about it…

“Yay!” for blogging! What a great way to get your thoughts in order, tell your stories and record your memories. Makes for quick scrapping, too!

ps. Quilt Update: I’ve now finished quilting two of the bumble bee blocks and three of the flower squares.

Progress! Ah, sweet Progress!

2 Responses to “a scrapping kick.”

  1. Dawn by Design Says:

    It’s gorgeous! Do you ever scrap using your own kits?

  2. Janna Says:

    LOVE. love. love!