the underwater watermelon.

This summer the kids are taking swimming lessons, thanks to their Grammy. Katie has turned into quite the little fish! She’s catching on fast and doing a great job. I was concerned at first that she’d be a Nervous Nelly when it came time to dunk her head under water or do other exercises that pushed her out of her comfort zone, but she’s got a great attitude about it all! She’s up for anything—and she’s excelling at it, too.

She got her hair cut short in anticipation of the big event. But even when I tried to tie part of her hair back with a ponytail, little whispies would sneak out and cling to her face. So we went to the store to get her a swim cap and a pair of goggles for class. We let her pick out the colors she liked. When we got home to try them on together, we had a good chuckle! Travis dubbed her the “Underwater Watermelon.”

I think she’s adorable!

She’s learning all sorts of swim team skills as she practices her floating, gliding and kicking techniques. Here she is in the “front ready” position:

Nice arms!

And here she is, gliding back to the wall under the water:

Congratulations, big girl! We’ve gone from having to wear floaties on our arms to being confident and dunking our head under water every spare chance we get. It’s very cute to watch these little guys—the second the coach is working with someone else, their little heads start bobbing up and down and they bob in and out of the water, blowing bubbles.

Joshua, on the other hand, has been less than cooperative. This was about as far as he’d go…

…and about 30 seconds after this snapshot, he was in tears and wouldn’t do a thing they asked him to do, so I had to pull him out of the pool. We tried three days of classes and always ended up with the same result. I think it’s odd, because he loves the pool! I just think he hates all the adults telling him to do so many different things. He’s stubborn like that. So, he won’t be finishing this class… instead, later this month he’ll be doing a “Mommy & Me” class with me! I’m looking forward to it.

I figure it will be better if I can be in the water with him. They’ll teach me what the goal of each lesson is and I’ll then teach him. Sounds like the perfect thing for a homeschooling mom, doesn’t it? I think it’s important that Joshua learn some things about swimming now, even if he isn’t too keen on it. But he wasn’t getting anything out of the big kid class, except for stress, tears and a hatred for swimming (which was just the opposite of what we want to be instilling in him!) This Mommy & Me class should be a good compromise. And hey—even if he’s still a stubborn little brat in class, at least I will be spending my time getting trained in how to teach him at home! Very win-win for us, I think.

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  1. Dawn by Design Says:

    I bet you will BOTH enjoy that Mommy & Me class.