really should be…

What I’ve been up to this week (and what I really should be doing instead):

  • At the moment: blogging. And surfing the web, too. (Lately, I’m really enjoying reading other people’s blogs!) And then I just randomly decided to spend some time tonight updating my knitting lens on Squidoo. Instead, I really should be working on three different digital kits, though. I have two collabs and one half finished kit on my hands… and no mojo to do anything in Photoshop at the moment.
  • Casting on a sweater for Penny. Well, how about starting on those darn socks for Travis instead? (I did finish his scarf!) Ah, but those socks require more patience and more yarn than I have right now. So… I’m letting myself off the hook and starting something new.
  • Eying up fabric that’s on sale at Basic Grey’s site and thinking about making another quilt. I guess I’m excited because I just have four more flower blocks to go on Katie’s quilt! And that Moda fabric is soooo pretty! But then what about all that fabric I just set aside for a throw for the living room?! Do I have Crafty ADHD, or what?
  • Going swimming with the kiddos, now that I have a swim suit that fits my big belly (which is exciting). But I feel less great about ignoring the dirty laundry, dishes and clutter that’s starting to overtake the house. And then there are those kits I need to be working on. And the knitting. And the quilting. Oh, my!
  • Watching HGTV shows with Katie. She loves them. I love them. And I’m pregnant and tired. I’m trying not to give myself too hard a time about it… but I’d rather be doing something that makes me feel accomplished at the end of an hour. The energy’s just not there this week!

Guilt. It’s a stinky thing…

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