adventures in bookmaking.

Today we had some fun. We made a few books for our lessons!

I found a pack of white drawing paper at the store. It had a nice weight and I thought it would be just perfect for our new drawing endeavors.

For the small books, I started out by cutting each paper in half:

I folded each page, nested the pages one inside the other and then I got out my sewing machine. I used a thicker “jeans” needle, so I wouldn’t damage a regular sized needle and kept my tension a bit loose and stitch size a bit long:

And here’s the end result!

A perfect little journal to contain a lesson inside. Each mini book has 12 pages to decorate. My current plans are for us to make a book about birds with drawings along facts about each one and a book of common Spanish words. The kids love Spanish! I bet Katie would love to make a Spanish book for herself.

I also used some different paper we had on hand (less thick, but still good to draw on) to make Joshua a book for writing his letters in. Today he wrote some uppercase and lowercase letters in his book. When he was on the letter C, he drew a cat and then asked me if he could also draw it’s name. I said sure, thinking he meant that his imaginary cat had an imaginary name and he would just scribble something on the paper. But then he took his crayon and wrote “CAT” on the page. I was amazed. This boy is one fast learner!

I also assembled a larger workbook for Katie’s everyday use with the remaining papers. First, I scored each one an inch away from the edge:

Then I used a rectangle punch to make some holes. I was thinking I’d tie three bows, but in the end, I just weaved some ribbon though to make it nice and stable:

Katie is just loving this! I am, too… 🙂

This book is for our regular lessons. We started using it today by drawing a bit about some weather words and seasons. Tomorrow we’ll read a beautiful book we have all about the months and seasons of the year. Then she’ll make a page with all the names of the months on it. I figure we’ll add some more stuff until we’ve gone though all the seasons, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes that make up a year. I think it will help her understand all these things in a nice, orderly fashion to go through things this way. Plus, I think that having her draw and write these things herself (vs. just filling in the blanks of a worksheet) will really make it “stick” for her. Right now she mixes up some of these words. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve jumped whole-heartily into just teaching her how to tell time (…all out of order).

Time to put our ducks in a row. Ha!

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