the monday five.

Some happy, random things to note.

1. I spent a lovely long weekend with my family this weekend (which unfortunately has left me out-of-sync with everything else in my work life). I kept thinking to myself, “You need to get on the computer and work on the kit you want to release soon…” but I wasn’t feeling creative this weekend, so I didn’t push myself to do it. Instead, I spent two days and three nights enjoying life off-line—going shopping for clothes for the family (since we had a tax free weekend here in Florida), going out to eat with just Travis and Penny (since my mom had the other two kiddos spending the night), going swimming (twice!) with the kiddos, sneaking in a nap (twice!) just for me, shopping for books and homeschooling supplies (yay!), watching the Food Network and HGTV while knitting… and generally having a lovely, relaxing time!

2. I woke up this morning though… and I remembered that I had a new kit debut at my guest shop at SUN this weekend, and I had not posted a darn thing about it. No newsletter, no tweets, no blog post, no fan page updates. And it was on sale just for Saturday and Sunday! ACK! #TotalDesignerFail. Couldn’t help but feel like a dunce about that all day long, which is certainly a mojo killer! I did let my customers know I made a coupon just for them, though and hopefully that made up for my bout of “Mommy Brain.” And I learned my lesson: When I tell myself “Oh, there’s probably nothing you need to check in on” it means that I have something big I’ve forgotten and I need to turn my computer on ASAP!

3. I discovered the secret to my creativity is a box of Junior Mints. Good news, bad news or delicious news?

4. In other news, swimming lessons are over for the year now. I’m thrilled with Katie’s progress! She went from knowing nothing at all to being able to almost do the Front Crawl stoke on her own now. Most of the time, she just kicks and leaves her arms at her sides while swimming around under the water like a little mermaid. Joshua made good progress in his class, too. He never did became comfortable with putting his whole face in the water, but he did blow lots of bubbles for me while we scooted around the pool on different floaty toys like kick-boards and noodles. I’m so pleased!

5. My girlfriend turned to me with a gleam in her eye this Sunday as she told me that since I will be about 9 months pregnant at Christmas, this year I could play Mary and let her off the hook. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry! We were in Drama Club together in high school, which is how we became best friends. I’m guessing that because of that background, she’s been sucked into performing in anything the church puts on, especially at Christmas and Easter time. Hope it will be a musical number so that we can relive our glory days when we did Godspell together. 😀 And I honestly hope she’s not serious…

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