getting organized.

Maybe I’m nesting…

I’m certainly experiencing the “Super Mommy 2nd Trimester” feeling these last few days! πŸ™‚

Katie and I had a fun day of shopping together yesterday afternoon. We spend about an hour and a half at Jo-ann’s getting fabric for some aprons we’re going to make, as well as things for a dress for Penny. I love craft stores! We also made an unexpected stop at Pier 1 (since I had a gift card to spend) and we walked away after only spending 62 cents cash. That felt good!

While at Pier 1, I saw some cute things in their stationary department including a chore list for grown ups… which had me thinking about my old “Clean a Room a Day” system I used to be so good at using (you can see it here under the heading “How Can you Do it All?”: Homemaking & Housekeeping).

Here’s my new plan that I started today:

  • Monday: Clean the Kitchen Day. Scrub, wipe, toss… there’s a lot to do in the kitchen, isn’t there?
  • Tuesday: Detail the Bathroom Day. Good times!
  • Wednesday: Pretty up the Bedroom Day. Right now, our bedroom looks like a storage room, since we toss things we don’t want Penny getting into in there and then close the door. ::roll eyes::
  • Thursday:Tidy & Dust Day. The day to make the Living Room look fabulous.
  • Friday: Hit the Hot Spots Day. A day to vacuum, tidy up and make sure the dishes aren’t taking over the sink before the weekend comes.
  • Saturday: Laundry Day. Since Travis is home and so are all his work clothes.

While at Pier 1, we found some pretty baskets on sale. They were perfect for Katie’s room. So, today I told her it was her job to set her closet straight. Here’s what she accomplished all by herself:

Katie felt accomplished. When she was done she told me “I just want to go in my room and stare at my closet!” Mommy was impressed. Pretty darn awesome for a seven year old. I like having a seven year old! I tell you—I was so tired of trying to conquer and divide all their stuff by myself. Hopefully now she will feel like she has a good grasp on where all her things go. ::fingers crossed::

Ah! There’s nothing like being organized! Such a good feeling. I only wish I was always in the mood for it. LOL!

4 Responses to “getting organized.”

  1. Charla Says:

    Great job Katie!! That looks awesome! And I love that she took so much pride in it, too. πŸ™‚

    I like your list and may adapt it for myself. I was actually part of the way there yesterday, when I wrote out a list of my goals/requirements for the week. So why not actually DO it??? Thanks for the motivation!

    And have fun with your projects πŸ™‚

  2. Amy Hoogstad Says:

    Katie, when my kids are 7, I hope they are as awesome as you are!

    Thanks for the ideas, Nicole. I’ve been splitting up the household chores into different days for a few years now since leaving it all for Saturday just doesn’t work for me anymore. But I haven’t have a formal schedule or anything. This is a great starting point!

  3. Tammy L Says:

    SO cute!! I love it! And I love my big 6-year-old helper, too. πŸ™‚

    You have a way of making housecleaning sound so fun. πŸ˜› You and your “days of the week” stuff. It’s just never that fun when I have to actually, you know, dust and stuff! πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

  4. Heather Prins Says:

    oh my goodness what a pretty closet!