the friday five.

Random bits from this week…

1. I had a midwife appointment this week. Despite all the things I tried over the last month to get my hemoglobin levels up, (including eats lots of spinach salads and adding iron pills to my diet), my numbers stayed the same. That was disappointing! So now I’m on this:

[Floradix Juice. Liquid Iron!]

And let me tell you, it’s… delicious. ::cringe:: I love the taste of liquid B vitamins and metal, don’t you? Yum, yum! Hope this stuff works, because this is a commitment! I discovered this morning that if I drink this with my nose pinched and then chase it with a glass of Green Goodness juice (that I actually do enjoy, because it tastes like apple juice), it’s not so bad. I can mask the aftertaste. Yay!

2. We took a trip to Whole Foods to pick up this power juice… and I was in awe! I can’t remember if I’ve ever visited a Whole Foods before this trip. I was certainly impressed by the vast amounts of stuff they had in their well-being section. Homeopathic remedies, tonics, vitamins. I waded through aisle after aisle looking for the Floradix stuff (of course, it was located in the very last aisle!). I felt like I needed to go home and start reading up on all the things stuff I saw there. Pretty darn cool!

3. I am very proud to say that I (pretty much) successfully completed all the household things I wanted to this week! I cleaned the kitchen on Monday, the bathrooms on Tuesday and the bedrooms on Wednesday, all according to plan. I felt like poo yesterday, though. So, I skipped out on “Dust & Tidy” day. I did a little bit of that this morning, along with catching up on some dishes that were beginning to pile up. All in all, I’d say I accomplished my goal. And the best feeling of all is knowing that I can maintain all the areas I basically “Spring Cleaned” this week next week with a lot less effort. It will be a lot of “Wipe, wipe—done!” Doesn’t that sound lovely? Ah! A lot more lovely then living under an overwhelming pile of chores. “Yay!” for schedules!

4. Working on something hybrid-y for an article on The Hybrid Chick this weekend.

[Future Boxes]

Yes, those are six boxes and 24 flower pieces. I think I’m insane. I thought 24 flower pieces would be no big deal?! Thankfully, it wasn’t too traumatic. I cut out all the pieces while Katie did her schoolwork today… aaand also while I ate lunch. No hand cramps, though! LOL!

5. In our house, we like to teach the little ones to say “Please” with Baby Sign Language (so that instead of just yelling at us when they want something, they can really communicate!). And it’s adorable. Katie was the first to conquer this concept of patting her little chest to say “Please” (really, you are supposed to put your hand on your chest and move it in a circular motion, but this worked better for us). I remember Joshua just being stubborn about it and looking at me like “What?! I don’t get it! Why can’t I have the thing I want?! WAIL!” So… I gave up on teaching him. Ha! As for Penny, she’s been really cute with this. First, she would pat her chest. Then, when she got really excited, she started smacking herself on the side of the head. Kinda funny, kinda odd. Now her sign has evolved into her playing Indian:

[Penny saying “Please”]

She even says “Ohh, ohh, ohh” when she does it. It’s adorable! And she’s really got the concept this week. She’s even stopped herself mid-yell to start saying “Please!” This morning, she was chasing after Daddy saying “Please! [Won’t you pick me up? I’m cute!].” How could he resist? Here, she is asking me if she can see herself on the camera’s preview panel. Fast learner—that one. 😉

4 Responses to “the friday five.”

  1. Honey Smith Says:

    I took Floridix when I was pregnant with the girls. It did not seem to make a dent, but mine were very low (probably since I had just had a baby and then twins). Let me know how it works for you! Also, moneysavingmom was just asking for an iron source recommendation… Cute boxes!

  2. scrapperjen1 Says:

    Good luck with the juice! I myself have not made a trip to Whole Foods yet but keep hearing amazing things – one of these days…
    Signing is a GREAT way to start communication. Good for you!

  3. Mari Koegelenberg Says:

    Oh she is so adorable! 😉 Cannot wait to see those boxes and flowers!

  4. Sharyn Says:

    Cute cute photo – she is adorable. No wonder daddy can’t resist. Looking forward to seeing the finished boxes.