weekend recap.

It was a fun and busy weekend around here!

Saturday morning I met my mom for coffee at a little pastry shop downtown, right on the corner of Lemon and Main (which is also where the weekly Farmer’s Market takes place). We had a lovely time chatting and relaxing together. We also walked around and looked in a few shops. I saw a beautiful old china hutch in an antique store that I would have loved to buy. But I have better things to spend $699 on right now, even if it was the white-washed kitchen cabinet of my dreams… 😉 Can’t really drive it to the store, you know? A mini van comes first! LOL!

I also made some cute hybrid boxes for my scrap space this weekend:

A peek inside:

And some for Katie to use in her room to hold her own special little trinkets:

(You can read more about them in my article on The Hybrid Chick blog here: Spotlight on: Karen Lewis Designz)

And we took a trip to the library this weekend!

I was really happy to find so many things to check out this time. I ran up and down the aisles as the kids looked at some picture books that were all about Florida birds and mammals. I found books on homeschooling, crafting, cupcakes, homeopathy, running a business and the history of Bible translations. Wow—lots of things to dig into to! I spent the rest of the day on Saturday sitting on the couch (and a good part of Sunday, too!).

One of the books I picked up at the library was on fun reading and writing games for kids. I used one of the ideas this morning during school time:

[Joshua (top) and Katie’s (bottom) little Silly Books]

What I did was I wrote out some sentences on construction paper and then snipped them up. I mixed up Katie’s strips and had her sort them by color and then asked her to figure out where each word went in the sentence. I was a little nicer to Joshua (since he’s just four) and I didn’t give him a ton of words to sift through. He did a great job sounding out all his words, though! And Katie was reading like a pro, too. Ah, sweet success!

I thought this little game was a great way to reinforce a few ideas, like “Sentences begin with capital letters” and “They end with punctuation,” by making the lessons a puzzle she had to figure out. After they got the sentences in the right order, we glued them into our little books and the kids each added some drawings.

This is why I love homeschooling… this stuff is just FUN! 🙂 Good times…

3 Responses to “weekend recap.”

  1. Erika Martin Says:

    We love antique shopping (well, mostly just looking). Girly has really gotten into it, too!

    love the cute little containers. 🙂

    I miss you!

  2. Chloé Says:

    I love the stacks of books, this says “lots of fun” to me!! Gorgeous boxes too!

  3. Tammy L Says:

    Cute!! 🙂