recent scraps & favorite actions.

Some scrappity goings on to post about today. The first is that Digi Dare #195 is now up! Yay!

I’ve been holding on to this layout for what seems like forever, but is really only about 11 days. 😀

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I really enjoyed putting this layout together! In fact, I think it served as the inspiration for an entire new kit that I plan for release next week—just got to wrap it up!

And for once, I actually used some of my own products on a layout! But not my papers. The things I used were mainly tools that I’ve created for other scrappers to use (like my Painted Paper Masks, Canvas Journaling Spots and Painted Edges Overlays). Some people create for themselves, to make something they want to use that’s not on the market. I find my creative passion flares p when I think “What is someone going to do with this?” I’m more excited about creating for others, so I don’t necessarily feel inspired to scrap with my own stuff. Maybe part of it is that I still haven’t arrived at the place I would like to with my creations? I don’t know… it’s a bit of a mystery, even to me!

In other news, I’m continuing on with my digital scrapping for 2010! I created two layouts this week. Here’s the first:

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You may recognize the photo and the journaling. I took the words right off the blog here. How convenient that it was already ready already!

And while I’m at it, I thought I’d link you up to my two favorite sets of photo actions! You may notice the nice black and white look to these photos. That’s because they were taken in the kitchen on the wrong color setting, and so straight out of the camera they looked like this:

Oh, my word! Playing around with a set of actions from the Pioneer Woman, I got this artsy look:


But that wasn’t good enough… so we went straight up black and white:

My favorite set of black and white photo actions were made by Miki Ferkul: Miki’s Photo Pro Series: Tritones. A few years ago now she let me review them for an article and I have not stopped using them! I have the Industrial and the White Zin actions hot keyed, I use them so often! Love, love, love these. If you are in need of a great black and white action, I highly recommend them.

I used the Pioneer Woman’s set of actions again for the photo in this layout here:

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You can find the Pioneer Woman’s set of actions here—and they are FREE! Pioneer Woman Actions. They have quickly become something in my tool box that I go to again and again! Lots of fun things to try in the two different sets that you can download on her site. I find that I mainly use the tools in the first set.

So… there are some of my recent scraps AND a little enabling for you, too. Hope you found it helpful!

3 Responses to “recent scraps & favorite actions.”

  1. Heather T. Says:

    It’s wonderful to see how those photos can change! Congrats again on the DigiDare Team gig, and your GSO!

  2. Cheryl Y Says:

    Love the photo actions too 🙂 They are so cool.
    Congrats on the DD Team!!

  3. Holly in Japan Says:

    Oh I love Pioneer Woman actions too. I use them on just about every photo to some degree or another. I love the variations you have here. Gorgeous layouts!