wrapping up the week.

This week was our first week in the Tapestry of Grace curriculum. After months of debating the cost of buying the entire Year 1 collection, I decided to go head and just purchase Year 1, Unit 1. It’s a smaller investment (and even if I want to buy Units 2, 3 and 4 to finish the year out, I won’t be spending extra). So far, I like it. It’s giving me a lot of help in structuring some history and science lessons in our school day.

This week, with the help of the library, we covered Creation and some Earth Science. And I think the kids were engaged and learned something. Joshua enjoyed spinning around the couch, orbiting it as if it were the Sun. And when quizzed, Katie was able to recall lots of things we’d talked about this week. So far so good! Next week we’ll get into The Tower of Babel and Early Civilizations.

We’ve fallen into a real rhythm for school time now, which is great. We work on math and reading in the morning and then investigate other topics and/or read stories in the afternoon. And I’m still able to get a good amount of work done as well. Joshua will join us at the table from time to time to read a little or do some addition. He’s bright! We just need to get him to calm down a bit and stop talking over Katie when he’s at the table with us. It gets a little crazy with the two of them asking me different things at the same time. He still has a year before it’s time for him to jump into Kindergarten, so hopefully he’ll catch on. Thank goodness this all usually happens while Penny is enjoying her morning nap, or I might really loose it.


1. Found out today that I’ve been on Twitter for over 2 years now. That was shocking!

2. My mouse is having problems. Every other day, it decides to start double-clicking for me. Makes me very tempted to chuck the thing out the window.

3. I baked some Applesauce Cake this week…

4. I had made one the week before and I had altered the recipe a bit. I altered it a bit more this week and thought it would be fun to share it with you… except things didn’t turn out quite right. So, we’ll have to try a third time. (It’s still yummy, though!)

5. Tomorrow is Travis’ birthday!

6. My midwife checked my hemoglobin count and we think the magic iron juice is working (see here for more on that). My numbers didn’t go up by much, but they did go up, in spite of a typical dip that happens during this phase of pregnancy.

7. Oh, joy! My midwife asked me to double the amount of magic iron juice I take each day.

8. Good thing we were able to wean Penny off her favorite formula. Mommy needs to spend the formula budget on magic iron juice now.

9. Today at lunch, Penny not only put her little hands together, she clearly said “Pray!”

10. The other day, she reached over from her highchair, stole my cloth napkin from off the table and wiped her mouth with it (and did a better job at it then her older brother usually does!).

11. Ah. Life is good!

2 Responses to “wrapping up the week.”

  1. laura Says:

    i love your randomness. <3

  2. christine Says:

    So glad you guys are enjoying TOG!! That’s one that I’m considering as well.
    And love your randomness too 🙂

    Happy birthday to Travis!!