falling leaves.

Look! Fall has arrived in Florida:

The weather has begun to cool off now. The humidity has lessened and the temperatures are now more in the 80s. Makes for some beautiful weather! This is the nicest time of the year to live in Florida, now that the killer heat is over. Everything will be pleasant from now until next May… when it all starts up again. I’m hoping to make some time to waddle myself out there to enjoy it. I’d like the exercise! It just seems like there’s always something else at home that’s needing more attention. This is a busy season for me with homeschooling, housecleaning and design work. Looking forward to wrapping some projects up soon so that I can enjoy a little downtime… 😉

As you can see, today we had fun cutting out some Autumn leaves! Katie colored on hers. Joshua wrote his name on all of his (so that we would know who made which leaves—very important stuff, you know!).

Penny likes the decorations:

She was having her snack…

The little cutie. I love those wispy curls in her hair!

Our kitchen is rather Fall-ish itself, wouldn’t you say? I actually think the dark orange color is nice (I didn’t pick it out myself, but I’m thinking I would be proud of myself if I had!). It’s a sunny room, so it can take a deep color like this. I like it. It’s spicy!

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